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Interview with 5.5 year old Perry

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Perry is officially 5 and a half, and is every day turning more and more into a mature big kid and no longer a little boy. Don't get me wrong he still loves to pretend and imagine, and be a total goof ball sometimes - he is a boy after all. But he is also thoughtful, obedient, and independent.

He is gearing up to start kindergarten and elementary school this fall and is 100% ready. He amazes us every day with his reading, math skills, and general desire to learn anything he can. Perry you are one really great kid...and an absolutely amazing big brother. Happy half birthday P!

Every year on his half birthday we have asked him a consistent set of questions. It has been fun to see how his answers have evolved and changed over time. Below is his new 5.5 year old interview and here are links to his 2.53.5, and 4.5 year versions.

Interview with 5.5 year old Perry:

What is your name: Perry

How old are you: five

What color is your hair: orangish and blondish

Who are your friends: Hunter, Jack, and Sully

Who is your best friend: (after a long pause and acknowledgement that this is a hard question) Hunter

What is your favorite food: quiche

What is your favorite drink: water, because it's healthy

What is your favorite color: orange

What is your favorite animal: lizard

What is your favorite thing to watch on TV: Magic School Bus

What is your favorite song: God bless the USA

What is your favorite book: PJ Masks

What is your favorite thing to do inside: play games, like Hi Ho Cheerio

What is your favorite thing to do outside: play baseball

What does your mom say: "buckle"

What does your dad say: "eat your food"

What do you want to be when you grow up: a scientist like my mom

I must say the answer to that last question makes my heart happy. No matter what he ultimately grows up to be I know he will do amazing things. And I think we are solidly in the STEM category...with previous answers including zookeeper, astronaut, and engineer. :)

Hopping Down the Bunny Trail

Thursday, March 29, 2018
Despite the seemingly never-ending wind and drizzle, it is springtime here in Alabama. Spring means flower blooms, the putting away the winter coats, breaking out those nearly forgotten shorts, and of course Easter.

The main Easter event is of course this Sunday, but with Easter comes egg hunts and we had our fill of egg hunt fun last Friday and Saturday. On Friday, Perry had his school egg hunt and party and little sister got to tag along for the festivities as well. Perry loaded his basket up with candy filled eggs and then feasted on chicken nuggets, cupcakes, and cookies. Suffice it to say he was happily in a full-on sugar coma for the rest of the day.

His sweet teacher even made each kiddo their own "hunting license"... for hunting eggs of course.

Then on Saturday we got to go to the Botanical Garden for their Bunny Bonanza where we met Peter Cottontail himself and both Perry and Clara got to hunt eggs. Clara got some assistance, but she kind of got a hold of least the concept of picking up a colorful egg in the grass and immediately trying to eat it. They were smart and filled the baby aged kids eggs with stickers.

Perry on the other hand took his egg hunting very seriously and scored a grand total of 39 eggs. Needlesstosay if you need a sugar know a place that has a candy bowl you can raid. :)

It wasn't overly warm and springy feeling but that didn't stop us from getting dressed up and snapping some cute pictures of the kids in the gardens. We love being members of the Huntsville Botanical Gardens and can't wait for it to warm up a little more and spend lots more time there. They have an amazing Lego exhibit going on right now that you should totally go check out if your kids (or you) love Lego's as much as our boy does.

Cutest little bunnies there ever were right there! At least if you ask me. :)

On another note - I got a new toy recently in the form of a GoPro camera. I have been wanting one for a while to be able to capture our family's memories in more than just still pictures. We broke it out and gave it a test run at the Gardens on Saturday and I spent some time that afternoon creating the first (of hopefully many) video compilations. You can check that out here:


Easter egg hunts around town were all early this year because of the local school spring breaks, but I must admit I kind of like it like that. It is nice to get all the bunnies and eggs out of the way and allow us to focus more this weekend on the real reason we celebrate Easter - remembering our Savior to paid it all on the cross.

Happy Easter week friends!


Perry: "Adrienne and Chad have dogs. But I want a more quiet a kitten."

Redefining Rush Hour

Thursday, March 22, 2018
Backpack. Nap mat. Work bag. Coffee. Travel cup milk and a pack of mini muffins. Shoes (yes I once got all the way to preschool and realized Perry did not have shoes...which resulted in an unplanned Target run at 7:30 in the morning...just keeping it real here). Outgoing mail. Tuition.

Mornings are anything but relaxed when you are trying to get out the door for work and preschool. And more times than not I find myself running 3.4 minutes behind where I want to be and am telling Perry to "hustle" and "what's our family motto?" (Answer: No Dawdling)

But eventually we get everyone and everything (hopefully) in the car and we head out over the mountain for preschool drop off. This gives me and my boy approximately 20 minutes (on a good traffic day) of dedicated one on one time.

Our favorite things to do on the drive are play games, listen to songs, and discuss upcoming plans. We plan trips and decide what movie we want to watch next. Our most favorite thing to do is play "I'm thinking of a Disney Character, that starts with the letter...." or "I'm thinking of an animal, that starts with the letter...." One person things of the item and the other person guesses and asks questions until they get it right. And we take turns back and forth.

The Disney Character category we are about evenly matched. But animals? That boy has me beat hands down. His specialty is sea creatures (thank you Octonauts on Netflix), and he has quite a knowledge base of all that lives in the ocean.

This week the letter W was brought to us by the Weddell Seal and the letter S was brought to us by the Slime Eel. No hints in the world were going to get me to guess those. When I ask for hints I get things like "well mom it lives in the twilight zone" (ok that is really no help...the twilight zone is deep right?). Long gone are the days where his animal repertoire stopped with Cat, Dog, and Cow.

Even though he schools me at the game, I covet those precious moments in the car where I get to see what all he knows and get to spend quality time with my kid. I know the day will come when he is way to cool to play games with his mom in the car - so until then I will choose to enjoy our rush hour commutes. And offer myself the gentle reminder that the more cycles of a light I have to sit through and the more crowded the traffic is - it is buying me a few extra moments of parenting gold.

What are your go-to games, topics, and activities for your family commute time? I could use some new ideas...that maybe require less sea creature knowledge!


Perry: "Mommies do not get to hunt for eggs at Easter. That is a privilege that only kids get to do."

Clara's Closet I

Tuesday, August 8, 2017
Some of the best parts of having a little girl are the bows, dresses, and ruffles. It has been an absolute joy to fill Clara's closet with tiny and precious garbs and dress her each day. It might be a little (or not so little) obsession. :)

Thankfully if you do it right, you can sell boutique clothes when you are finished wearing them for what you paid (plus some if you are lucky) to fund the next season. So it is kind of a revolving closet. I put that caveat in there for when Clara reads this years from now and thinks I am crazy (or for anyone else who might think that)...and I will own that perhaps I am a little bit.

Regardless I am going to periodically do some posts collecting some of her recent OOTDs (outfits of the day) for posterity sake. Feel free to keep on scrolling if baby girl clothes are not your thing.

Bubble: Well Dressed Wolf (Josie)

Bow: Livieloos

Dress: Nelly Madison (Birthday Cupcake Hannah)
Bow: Livieloos

Dress: Omi Jo (Vintage Floral Market)
Bow: Livieloos

Bubble: Kelly's Kids

Dress: Anavini Baby

Dress: Well Dressed Wolf (Creamsicle Maddie)

Tunic Set: Well Dressed Wolf (Lucy Tunic)

Dress: Nelly Madison (Country Rose Blooms Hannah)

Dress: Omi Jo (Periwinkle Dancer)

First Day of Pre-K

Monday, August 7, 2017

And just like that summer is done and school is officially back in session. And we have a big pre-kindergartener. Pre-K sounds so big! I can't believe we just have one more year before Perry is in elementary school.

Perry is in Ms. Carter's class this year at Mayfair and he is loving it. He has lots of friends in his class, but misses his friends that ended up in other classes (Alex in particular). At least all the kids get to play together on the playground and see each other at lunch. This year they will be working on reading, writing and math. I can't wait to see what all Perry learns and accomplishes in pre-k. 

Daddy went to work a little late so that we could all go to Mayfair together, but not before we took our traditional front porch first day of school pictures...and hit up Dunkin Doughnuts for a little breakfast.

Baby sister is staying home this year with sweet family and friends, but she had to get in on the apple wearing action too. This precious little romper arrived last week from some sweet genetic counseling colleagues in Australia. So cute!

June Round-up

Monday, July 3, 2017
Beyond of the big and exciting things that warrant their own post on the blog, there are lots of little moments that fill up the rest of our little family's life. And they need a home here too...because those everyday memories are some of the sweetest. So here is a look back through the month of June.

1. Perry worked on his writing and word skills. After asking how to spell the word "England" he proudly presented this piece of paper where he had written a complete sentence all by himself. And much to his dismay...Alex is still in England but will be back soon.

2. Perry had his end of the t-ball season party where he finally got his much anticipated participation trophy. Here he is with his coach Brandi. He had a great time with his fellow Ninjalinos this season. He says he wants to play again next year, but after he plays soccer this fall.

3. We have resurrected our summer tradition of Sunday night pizza and pool nights with sweet friends.

4. Miss Clara had her two month check up and she is doing awesome! This was right after her traumatic first set of shots. She took them like a champ.

5. We met up with Papaw (and Aunt T and Aunt Kay) for lunch at Mellow Mushroom after preschool one day.

6. Perry and I had a mommy/son date to Big Spring Park to feed the ducks, and geese, and fish.

7. Perry got a subscription to the Clubhouse Jr magazine from Granna, and it makes for good reading on the commute to preschool in the mornings. Talk about looking like a big kid...

8. If you read Perry's half birthday interview in the previous post you know that his favorite outside pastime is playing on his playground. We have done plenty of that this summer.

9. We had a fun cookout over at the Garretts house and Perry is getting better and better at holding his baby sister. Largely because baby sister is getting better and better at holding her own head up. 

10. While the Eckleys were out of town we went to go check on and play with Sam the cat a couple of times. 

11. We went to the EarlyWorks childrens museum one morning and got to meet Chase from Paw Patrol.

12. And we did a little crafting with footprints and paint to make a tribute to some of our favorite super heros for daddy. This picture is missing the finishing touches I did with a Sharpie, but you get the idea. From left to right Clara's feet are Superman and Iron Man, and Perry's feet are Batman and Spiderman.

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