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Wednesday, January 6, 2010
Until now, our online communication has pretty much revolved around email and facebook.  However, with the turn of 2010 and the start to what will likely be one of the biggest years of our lives we have decided to embrace the blogging trend.  Kind of like putting our college days behind us and joining the ranks of young married couples.  Here's a look at our year ahead:
  1. Graduation for Kelly - May 13th - we will both finally be done with school!
  2. Moving back to Huntsville - May 15th - 2 days later
  3. Building our first house (and hopefully the house we will live in for many years to come)...tentative closing date - May 20th
  4. New jobs for both of us (well Andrew's is more like a continuation of his current job, but in a new place)
We figured that we would start blogging as our house began construction...aside from that our lives are not all that entertaining at the moment.   And with any luck the blog will continue as our family moves back to Huntsville and begins a new chapter in our lives.  

House status - 1.6.09 - The house was to be released for construction today with plans to begin construction next week.  Can't wait to see some progress!  We are praying for good weather and no issues!  Benton is supposed to be hassle-free right? : )  Pictures to come...

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