an update...finally

Tuesday, February 9, 2010
It has been a while since we have updated the blog, not because nothing has been happening with the house. We have just been super busy these last couple of weeks, time is going by so quickly.
The doors and windows have been installed (see pictures below). The front door is only primed right now, it will be dark brown in the end. Also the electricians, plumbers, and air conditioning guys have all come and gone. The house next door is only a couple of days ahead of our house, so we can always look at it to see what the next step will be. They are bricking that house right now. We can't wait to see the our brick.
They are estimating the frame walkthrough to occur sometime in the next couple of weeks. It will be great to have the framing checked off and approved.
As always we are so so grateful for everyone who is keeping an eye on our house for us by proxy. We get so excited everytime we get pictures emailed, or phone calls from people standing in our future house. We love you all!

This is the side door, that goes into the mudroom (aka "the drop zone")
Lots and lots of wires...

The fireplace and logs are installed. That will be so nice come next winter!

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