Let there be light

Friday, March 26, 2010
Happy Spring Everyone! It is really starting to look like a house! All the lights are now installed and look great. They are also finished with the wood floors and tile (see tile shower picture). Bathroom cabinets are in and the appliances are delivered. Countdown to close: 55 days!

Side "friends entrance"...still not completely sure what the purpose of it is, but I am sure we will use it since it is there.


Master bathroom vanity


Master bathroom shower

Lots of cabinet space! No more keeping our china in the guest bedroom closet!
Living room and breakfast room
We love, love our dining room fixture. You cannot imagine how much we agonized over it in the lighting store. We just couldn't find anything we liked, and wound up ordering out of one of their catalogs (which is scary considering you can't see it in person, or return it if you don't like it). But we are so glad we went with it, cause it looks great!

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