Robots and Rhinos

Monday, August 8, 2011
For Ann's birthday party Saturday night, I made Key Lime cupcakes (see last blog post) and S'mores cupcakes.

At the party we asked our nephew Ben what the cupcakes looked like. Emily and Matt apparently don't expose him to enough campouts and campfires...because he took one look at the S'mores cupcakes and said they looked like "robots." Then he looked at the Key Lime cupcakes and said they looked like "Rhinos." Not exactly the look I was going for...but ok.

Here are my S'mores/Robot cupcakes:

There is a graham cracker crust in the bottom...

and a chocolate cupcake middle...

And a marshmallow creme on top. I even got to have fun with a kitchen torch...
I think they turned out super cute and really did taste like a campfire s'more.


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