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Its a ??? Baby Shower

Sunday, September 18, 2011
Here are some pictures from a very special baby shower I helped host back in the spring for Phillip and Dayana Nivens. No one knew what gender the baby the color palate for the party was gender neutral greens, yellows and browns. And the party was co-ed, so we had to tone down the estrogen and fru-fru. I had a blast decorating and prepping this party...hope you enjoy.

Ribbon topiaries. Really simple to put together...but takes some time and thumb work.
Scrapbook paper napkin rings.
Diaper wreath. Under the diapers is a simple wire wreath frame. Hanging off the wreath are just a few baby rattles and teething rings.
At the front door, we had the traditional "diaper cake" and a plate of pink and blue clothes pins. Guests were instructed to take a pin representing what they thought the gender of the baby was. Made for some good conversation.
Reserved seating.
The spread, consisting of lots of great appetizers, desserts, and petite fours.

Onesie and burp cloth decorating station.
Admiring all the custom, hand-painted onesies.

DIY coasters

Did you know you could make your own coasters? For less than 25 cents a piece? Yeah. You can.
Here's how.

Ceramic tiles (from home depot or lowes....don't pay more than about $.13 for them.
Scrapbook paper (whatever pattern makes you happy)
Modge Podge
Clear spray sealant
Felt adhesive circles (small ones)

1. Cut 4x4 inch scrapbook paper squares (or whatever size your tiles are)
2. Paint a layer of modge podge directly on the tile, then place the scrapbook paper square on top
3. Paint a layer of modge podge over the scrapbook paper, make sure you get it totally covered. Let dry.
4. Spray a layer of clear sealant over the tiles. Let dry.
5. Attach felt circles to the tile bottom corners.

Done and done.

Toomers Forever

Wednesday, September 14, 2011
"Toomers Forever." That is what the gameday button read for the first Auburn game of the season against Utah State. It was a sad reminder of the likely fate of our beloved oak trees...but also a wonderful reminder of just how unique and special Auburn is.

After comparing the 2011 Auburn football schedule to both of our crazy work schedules...we were disappointed to find out that we could only make it down to the "loveliest village on the plains" once this year for a game. So we decided to make the most of it...get some really good tickets...even if we were just playing utah state.

It was a fantastic weekend despite the crack of dawn kickoff time and heat advisory. We got to eat at most of our favorite restaurants (it would take much longer than a weekend to make it to them all), say hello our favorite dean (Dr. Wit), watch a surprisingly exciting football game, and roll Toomers Corner.

And we got to spend the weekend with some of our best friends! Here are some pictures from our trip to the plains. We are planing to head to Athens for the AU/UGA game in we can find reasonable tickets.

War Eagle.

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Monday, September 12, 2011
This weekend we celebrated my grandmother's 75th birthday party. She may get on to me for putting her age on the internet...but it is a big milestone and deserves to be celebrated!

The first glimpses of cool, crisp air and the return of pumpkin spice lattes at starbucks can only mean one thing...that autumn is just around the corner. Fall is one of my favorite times of the year and it makes a great party theme.

I made the invitations with some cardstock and puff paint. I don't think I have played with puff paint since I was about that was a fun trip down memory lane... I copied the tree image from some a set of really cute cookies featured on HWTM (hostess with the mostess blog).

Cookies to match. The recipe for these cookies is is a spiced sugar cookie...great for autumn. You can find the recipe here.
I usually cheat and make cupcakes because they are simpler to I was rather stressed over how grandma's cake would turn out. But I am pleased. It was chocolate fudge cake (from a box mix) with homemade peanut butter buttercream frosting. Yum.
I can't remember where I saw this edible acorn idea...but it is super cute. All you need is hershey kisses, small cookies (i used 100 calorie pack shortbread cookies), and some icing (to stick it together and give it its stem).
Leftover cake batter = cupcakes.
The dessert table. For the centerpiece I took branches and hung pictures of grandma when she was little, as well as pictures of other members of the family. It is our family tree. : )
Food table centerpiece
Favors. Another HWTM idea and very simple to put together. The party mix is just made of chex mix, chocolate covered pretzels, and reeses pieces, but it perfectly matched the colors of the party.
Place settings. It was a great chance to use the beautiful silver that grandma bought for me several years back. Thank you grandma! And who needs expensive placecard holders when you can use fresh fruit and straight pins?

Happy Birthday to You!
It was a great party! And most importantly it was a great chance to celebrate my wonderful grandmother and all she means to me! I love you grandma!

Game Night

Monday, September 5, 2011
One of our favorite things to do with our families is get together and play games. So when I found a "family game night" party theme in a magazine a few months back, we just had to test it out. All the food was super simple to make, but fit the "game" theme. Who needs an official holiday to get together and have a party?

Here's the table. Very casual.
Centerpiece. Square glass vase covered in construction paper to look like dice.
The spread.
Sandwiches, veggies, chex-mix, pigs-in-a-blanket, meatballs, and chocolate covered strawberries.
Chicken salad, pimento cheese, and PB&J sandwiches. Used cookie cutters to make the sandwiches into hearts, spades, diamonds, and clubs.
Chocolate-dipped strawberry "dice"
Last but not least a milkshake bar for dessert.
I need to start learning to take pictures with people in them. Next time.

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