Toomers Forever

Wednesday, September 14, 2011
"Toomers Forever." That is what the gameday button read for the first Auburn game of the season against Utah State. It was a sad reminder of the likely fate of our beloved oak trees...but also a wonderful reminder of just how unique and special Auburn is.

After comparing the 2011 Auburn football schedule to both of our crazy work schedules...we were disappointed to find out that we could only make it down to the "loveliest village on the plains" once this year for a game. So we decided to make the most of it...get some really good tickets...even if we were just playing utah state.

It was a fantastic weekend despite the crack of dawn kickoff time and heat advisory. We got to eat at most of our favorite restaurants (it would take much longer than a weekend to make it to them all), say hello our favorite dean (Dr. Wit), watch a surprisingly exciting football game, and roll Toomers Corner.

And we got to spend the weekend with some of our best friends! Here are some pictures from our trip to the plains. We are planing to head to Athens for the AU/UGA game in we can find reasonable tickets.

War Eagle.

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