NYC Day Three

Sunday, December 18, 2011
Day three was black friday. We ventured out early...not midnight..more like 5 check out what it is like to be in manhattan on black friday.

Coffee was a necessary thing.

First stop: Macy's. Didn't buy a thing...but it was fun to browse and watch people. The store was massive and had something like 3 different starbucks inside.

We walked and shopped most of the morning and then went back to the hotel to drop off the bags and rest for a few minutes.

Speaking of hotel...her is a look part of the lobby...beautiful!

For lunch we went to the Burger Joint. A hole in the wall (literally) burger place in Le Parker Meridien hotel. If it weren't for google and travel books we would have never found it because this is it's only sign - a small neon burger logo.

The restaurant itself is behind a curtain. Very no frills...burgers, fries, and coke is about it...but it was yummy. And welcomed after a long morning of shopping

For dinner that night, we went to Nobu 57 - a nice, trendy asian restaurant. It was really good and all the menu items were meant to be we got to try several different things.

From dinner, we took a cab to times square...well we took a cab until we got stuck in traffic in times square and decided it would be faster on foot from that point. We got to see The Lion King on broadway. The costumes and music were amazing! This is some of the decor inside the Minscoff theatre, a giant lions mask on the wall over the escalators.

Times Square

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