NYC Day Five

Friday, January 6, 2012
Day five - getting close to the end. We started our Sunday at one of the bazillions of starbucks in the city...because some sweet friend send us an electronic gift card the morning we left on our trip. Thanks Kristen! : ) It was amazing.
Then it was off to the upper west side to go to the museum of natural history. We got there early in the day so it was not too crowded.
One of my favorite parts was this awesome origami christmas tree. Someone had made origami creatures of all the museum exhibits and placed them on the tree. I can't imagine how long that took to put together.
The far out picture just doesn't do the origami justice. Check out the dinosaurs and blue whale.
Speaking of the blue's the real thing.
After seeing the Night at the Museum we just had to go see this guy. He did not ask us for gum.
I think Andrew's favorite part was the dinosaur area...which took up pretty much an entire floor of the museum.
After spending the entire morning at the museum we were a bit hungry. Lucky for us the Levain Bakery was just a few blocks away. Apparently they make some of the best cookies in the world. Bobby Flay even had a cookie throw-down here. The cookies were amazing and warm because they were fresh from the oven. However they were so big we both agreed we should have just split one.
Sunday afternoon we had made reservations to have the plaza. We picked the plaza because 1) It is one of the quintessential places to do tea and 2) They actually had 4 different tea menus to pick from.
I got the "New Yorker" which had several different kinds of tiny sandwiches, scones, and desserts.
Andrew got the "Chocolate Tea" which was exactly what it sounds like...lots of chocolate. There was even a mini fondue pot of chocolate with a pile of things to dip.
After we had our fill of tea and "girly food" we got to go see the NYC Ballet perform the Nutcracker. Yes, I admit it was a pretty girly kind of day...don't worry 6 was much more Andrew's style. The Nutcracker was amazing. Not to knock Huntsville's annual production...but seeing the NYC ballet perform it at Lincoln Center was definitely superior.
Then we were hungry know it had been like 3-4 hours since we last ate. We had no reservations for this night so we decided to take a chance and see if there were any openings at Bar of Bobby Flay's NYC restaurants. We got in, and had a really nice unexpected dinner. Then we headed home to rest up for another busy day.

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