Charlotte and ACMG

Wednesday, April 4, 2012
Last week I got to go to Charlotte for the American College of Medical Genetics meeting. It was a total nerd-fest but it was awesome. Heard some great talks and it is always cool to get to see and hear from the people that genetic conditions are named after...kind of like genetics celebrities.  : )

Here are some highlights from the week.

Even our room keys were geeked out. : )

GeneDx, a genetic testing company, has one of the best PR ideas ever. They give out these little zebras at their booth at all the different genetics conferences. Why zebras? Because genetics is the place where rare diseases are common. However at each event the zebra you get is a little different, themed for the place or time that the conference takes place in. Over the last couple of years we have amassed quite a collection of zebras in our office: cowboy zebra, canadian hockey player zebra, witch zebra, hawaii zebra and now pilot zebra. So of course I had to pick up 8 of the little guys to bring back.

It was great to be back in the state of North Carolina. I hadn't been back since we moved back to Alabama in May 2010. One afternoon, Kristen and I played hooky from the meeting and made a trip up to Greensboro.  

We got to visit the genetic counseling house and see Nancy (our program director) and Sally (the program administrator). It was awesome to see them and the weather was beautiful so we just set on the porch of the house and talked all afternoon.

That evening we got to have dinner with Brooke and Holly

The next day we had an early dinner with Whitney and Courtney, and got to meet Cooper. I can't believe how big the little guy has gotten!

Through the course of the week we got to see a lot of friends and old supervisors from grad school. From the pictures it looks like we did more socializing than learning, but I promise lots of learning was just wasn't as interesting to take pictures of. : )

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