Weekend in the great outdoors

Thursday, May 10, 2012
Last weekend I had the chance to get out of town, and out of cell phone service, for a few days with some of my best girl friends from work. We left friday at lunch and headed north to Fall Creek Falls State Park in Tennessee. I have not camped in forever, and am definitely not the most well versed at putting up tents, building fires, and cooking on a propane stove. But luckily the other girls were and we had a great time!

It was awesome to get away from the busyness of work and life and focus on God's creation and spend time with sweet friends. 

Our awesome campsite with our camp chairs and fire pit.

Our tent...what you can't see from this picture are the three air mattresses inside. We slept in comfort. 

 Jennifer cooking dinner

Perhaps the thing I was most looking forward to was roasting marshmallows and making s'mores. And it did not disappoint.

Just beautiful

We stopped at this place called Buzzard's roost. Pretty self explanatory...but it was a great chance to pull out the new camera and play around with the zoom lens.

A little family of deer came grazing behind (right behind) our campsite multiple times a day.

Jennifer, Dedra, and I at the top of the falls

We all had a lot of time to catch up on our bible studies. I thought it was neat that we each had a bible study on a different book of the bible written by a different women's bible teacher. There is something amazing about studying God's word outside in His creation.

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