It's a BOY!

Sunday, August 5, 2012
We are excited to announce that we are having a son! We got an ultrasound friday afternoon and after some poking and prodding, and some diet coke, the baby cooperated and gave us a clear view of his boy-ness.

While we found out friday, we made our family and friends wait until saturday night. Some of them were less than thrilled about the waiting, but hopefully it was well worth it. We had a gender reveal party and announced the gender through a wrapped box full of balloons. It was such fun getting to share the news with everyone!

Once everyone arrived and cast their vote, we did the reveal and then served dinner. We decided not to be mean and make people wait through dinner to find out. We have amazing family and friends that helped make food and get everything put together.

The yummy dessert and snack table in a gender-neutral orange and yellow.

Dessert menu included vanilla cupcakes with a colored surprise inside, iced sugar cookies, lemonade pie shooters, popcorn and candy.

Water, lemonade, and apple juice for the kids. With super cute paper straws.

We asked everyone to vote on what they though the gender was, by signing their name on the matte in either pink or blue. Then we had everyone select the appropriate sticker to wear for the evening.

Inside this box was the big reveal

With our awesome family

Family and glad we got to share the news with them in person



Watching the live re-play

The balloons were a big hit with the kids. Notice Todd's shirt. Our niece Kate declared last week that she would have a cousin, a girl, whose name would be Princess Daisy. lol.

Ben and Kate were split on what they thought the baby would be. Ben was right and was not shy about making that known.

 We asked for name suggestions throughout the party. At the end we sat and read through them...some of them were really good...some of them were, well not as good.

Thanks everyone for coming and celebrating with us. We can't wait to meet our little boy!

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