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Perry - in 3D

Wednesday, October 31, 2012
Last tuesday we got to see our little boy again. This time in 3D/4D. Enjoy the first glimpses of what the little guy is going to look like. : ) We are in love with him already. 

We are going back for take 2 on Friday when I can use caffeine to get the little one moving and hopefully showing us more of his sweet face. We can't wait to meet you Perry in just 10 weeks. : )


Tuesday, October 30, 2012
Baby Boy has a name, and it is Perry. On top of just liking the name, it is Andrew's mom's maiden name which makes it even more special. Verdict is still out on the middle name...we still have ~10 weeks to get that figured out...hopefully.

Here is a picture of the wooden letters that are going to hang on his nursery wall above the crib. I absolutely love the font and the way the name looks. Still need to be painted and hung.

War Eagle and 29 weeks!

Monday, October 29, 2012
It has been a pretty abismal auburn football season this year. However, despite our record we will always say War Eagle and Go Tigers! Last weekend we went to Nashville to see our tigers play (lose to) Vanderbilt. It was a fun day trip regardless. The weather was beautiful, the stadium was half-full of dedicated Auburn fans, and we got to do some shopping afterwards at the re-opened Opry Mills.

Pregnancy update:
We are 29 weeks (and a half). Baby is approximately the size of a butternut squash (17 inches, 3.1 lbs). We got a 3d/4d ultrasound last week which was amazing. Perry was not the most cooperative little boy and did not let us see his sweet face very well so we are going to try again this Friday. Everything is going great with the pregnancy for which we are incredibly grateful. I passed the dreaded glucose tolerance test last week so I don't have to cut out the carbs and sweets this holiday season...whew.

Will post some ultrasound pictures later this week along with some pics from my trip to Boston this past week. Happy Monday!


Friday, October 19, 2012
Last weekend, Andrew and I flew up to Charleston, SC to see some friends get married. The back story is cute and really worth telling. My grad school classmates and I went on a cruise together between our capstone project presentations and graduation. While on this cruise one of my classmates, Whitney, met a boy. They talked and hung out all through the cruise and exchanged numbers but no one really expected it to go anywhere once we got back ashore. Well to make a long story short, they got married last weekend...896 days later. 

Dinner out Friday night at the Lowcountry Bistro...after neglecting how hard it would be to get a reservation for a large number of people on a Friday night in Charleston.

Drinks in mason jars. No worries...mine is a virgin sangria.

The class, minus Whitney, who was preoccupied taking pictures with her new husband.

 With my sweet husband!

Only a genetic counselor's wedding would have a program that looks strikingly similar to a pregnancy wheel... : )

Alexis caught the bouquet!

 Wedding (cup)cakes!

First Dance

The whole class!

Kristen and me

Charleston pretty

 Carriage tour...led by two very stubborn mules

Shrimp and of several from the weekend

 The last night, Andrew and I stayed in Charleston at the Vendue Inn. It was beautiful. The Inn has taken over several adjoining houses right by the waterfront and takes over pretty much a whole city block.

Our bedroom

and our livingroom

We had a great weekend! It was our last get away (well at least by plane) as a couple before our little boy arrives. We know that trips will never be the same again.

Our 1st (slightly redneck) Baby Shower

Saturday, October 13, 2012
Last weekend we had our first baby shower. We had what we thought was just a family dinner planned with the Moreland family in honor of all the cousins coming into town. Little did we know, those sneaky folks were planning a surprise baby shower for us. 

The surprise didn't exactly go as planned since Daddy accidentally walked us right through the garage (party room) into the house so we got a sneak peek, but it was still a big surprise. 

Our chairs and gifts. I got the cushy chair, Andrew got the camp chair.

Super cute diaper cake cousin Debbie made. It is made of diapers and wrapped in swaddling blankets, genius. Also notice our redneck, tailgate glasses which are actually candle sticks super-glued to light blue solo cups. : )

 We had a very yummy dinner of shrimp and grits, courtesy of cousin Laura who had diven up from Florida - shrimp in tote.


Opening presents. Andrew was a fan of the Auburn bibs. We will see how long it takes to have the little one saying "war eagle."

Everyone brought children's books that were special to them and wrote little notes to the baby inside. So precious!



We want to say a huge thank you to our sweet family that threw the surprise shower. It was so unexpected and so fun. And we are thrilled with all of the gifts and books for our little one! Thank you so so much!

Labor Day weekend part 2

Friday, October 12, 2012
In downloading pictures from my cameras I realized I forgot to upload the rest of our pictures from Labor Day weekend in Atlanta.

Friday night we went to the Braves game at Turner Field. It was Auburn night, since it was the night before the Auburn football game. We got our tickets through the Atlanta Auburn alumni club so we were seated among a bunch of Auburn fans which was great!

It was a full weekend in Atlanta...also going on across down was DragonCon = huge fantasy convention = thousands of people dressed up as movie/tv/video game characters. Saturday morning they even had an organized parade of all the dressed up people. So we got up early, got some coffee, and went downtown to watch. 

Strangest part was when a person walked up to us and asked for a picture with us...I think we were the odd ones out around there.

Saturday night was the first Auburn game of the season. At that point we didn't know how much of a low year we were going to have Auburn Football wise...and the boys actually played half-way decent that frist game even though we lost. We had a great time regardless. 

Sunday we went to the GA aquarium  Andrew and I had not been there since right after we started dating 7 years ago.

It was definitely one of the most random weekends of our life...from baseball, to dragoncon, to football, to fish, to the color was a busy but super fun labor day.

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