Labor Day weekend part 2

Friday, October 12, 2012
In downloading pictures from my cameras I realized I forgot to upload the rest of our pictures from Labor Day weekend in Atlanta.

Friday night we went to the Braves game at Turner Field. It was Auburn night, since it was the night before the Auburn football game. We got our tickets through the Atlanta Auburn alumni club so we were seated among a bunch of Auburn fans which was great!

It was a full weekend in Atlanta...also going on across down was DragonCon = huge fantasy convention = thousands of people dressed up as movie/tv/video game characters. Saturday morning they even had an organized parade of all the dressed up people. So we got up early, got some coffee, and went downtown to watch. 

Strangest part was when a person walked up to us and asked for a picture with us...I think we were the odd ones out around there.

Saturday night was the first Auburn game of the season. At that point we didn't know how much of a low year we were going to have Auburn Football wise...and the boys actually played half-way decent that frist game even though we lost. We had a great time regardless. 

Sunday we went to the GA aquarium  Andrew and I had not been there since right after we started dating 7 years ago.

It was definitely one of the most random weekends of our life...from baseball, to dragoncon, to football, to fish, to the color was a busy but super fun labor day.

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