Our 1st (slightly redneck) Baby Shower

Saturday, October 13, 2012
Last weekend we had our first baby shower. We had what we thought was just a family dinner planned with the Moreland family in honor of all the cousins coming into town. Little did we know, those sneaky folks were planning a surprise baby shower for us. 

The surprise didn't exactly go as planned since Daddy accidentally walked us right through the garage (party room) into the house so we got a sneak peek, but it was still a big surprise. 

Our chairs and gifts. I got the cushy chair, Andrew got the camp chair.

Super cute diaper cake cousin Debbie made. It is made of diapers and wrapped in swaddling blankets, genius. Also notice our redneck, tailgate glasses which are actually candle sticks super-glued to light blue solo cups. : )

 We had a very yummy dinner of shrimp and grits, courtesy of cousin Laura who had diven up from Florida - shrimp in tote.


Opening presents. Andrew was a fan of the Auburn bibs. We will see how long it takes to have the little one saying "war eagle."

Everyone brought children's books that were special to them and wrote little notes to the baby inside. So precious!



We want to say a huge thank you to our sweet family that threw the surprise shower. It was so unexpected and so fun. And we are thrilled with all of the gifts and books for our little one! Thank you so so much!

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