War Eagle and 29 weeks!

Monday, October 29, 2012
It has been a pretty abismal auburn football season this year. However, despite our record we will always say War Eagle and Go Tigers! Last weekend we went to Nashville to see our tigers play (lose to) Vanderbilt. It was a fun day trip regardless. The weather was beautiful, the stadium was half-full of dedicated Auburn fans, and we got to do some shopping afterwards at the re-opened Opry Mills.

Pregnancy update:
We are 29 weeks (and a half). Baby is approximately the size of a butternut squash (17 inches, 3.1 lbs). We got a 3d/4d ultrasound last week which was amazing. Perry was not the most cooperative little boy and did not let us see his sweet face very well so we are going to try again this Friday. Everything is going great with the pregnancy for which we are incredibly grateful. I passed the dreaded glucose tolerance test last week so I don't have to cut out the carbs and sweets this holiday season...whew.

Will post some ultrasound pictures later this week along with some pics from my trip to Boston this past week. Happy Monday!

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