35 weeks, and family pictures

Wednesday, December 5, 2012
We hit 35 weeks today! Only 5 more (well no more than 5 more) until we officially become a family of 3. I think we are ready. The nursery is done, car seat is installed, and hospital bags are (mostly) packed.  

Some Perry stats: you would expect a 35 week along baby to be about the size of a large cantaloupe weighing in at about 5.5 pounds. He is likely somewhere between 19-22 inches long, pretty much as long as he is going to get before birth. Between now and d-day he will be gaining mostly in the weight department. 

The saturday after thanksgiving we got together with Andrew's family to take christmas card pictures. We are sending out winter birth announcements instead of christmas cards this year (so when you don't get one from us...that is why...give it a few more weeks). : ) I don't think I am giving away any of the pictures that will appear on other's christmas cards, but here are a few pictures from the photo shoot. The photographer did a great job wrangling all of us. And we were so thankful to have our sweet friend Kristen with us to continually bribe the children with jelly beans.

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