Christmas: Moreland family

Monday, December 31, 2012
Tuesday late morning...

...after we opened presents at home we headed over to my Aunt Kay's house for Moreland family Christmas. It is always such a fun time. We do brunch food which is really yummy. 

and desserts, for when we get hungry again after opening gifts

We joke that there is a Moreland gene allele that makes a person inherently good at wrapping presents and tying is either that or a lot of practice : ) 

No, Daddy did not really ask for silky santa boxers for Christmas...but he did say at one point that he "didn't care what he got, that he would be fine with underwear." Thats all it takes for us to get an idea and run with it...and he got several pairs of super stylish boxers.

You really just never know what you are about to unwrap with this family. Aunt Kay also mentioned a month or two ago that her beloved hen and rooster salt and pepper shakers had gotten broken. We took that as a request for multiple "pretty" back-up sets. You can find anything on the internet. 

Kay with her "flock" of new salt and pepper shakers

Daddy (soon to be known as Papaw) got Perry this awesome rocking horse. I know he will love playing with it in a little rocks and rolls and even talks and wags its tail.

Merry Christmas from the Moreland family!

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