Christmas: East family

Tuesday, January 1, 2013
Tuesday evening...

...after the Moreland gathering we loaded up everything and went on to Andrew's parents' house for the afternoon and evening (and next morning).

Perry already had his very own stocking hung on the "grandkids" side of the fireplace next to ben and kate's. It was full of toys and other necessities as well as the cute bib you can see sticking out of the top. 

Lots of presents...way too many to open in one we opened a few before dinner and then the rest afterwards.

Kids are so fun to watch and be around at Christmastime. It was awesome to watch Ben and Kate open each of their presents and get so excited. Kate got lots of princess things like this princess "laptop computer".

Ben got legos...lots of legos.

Ann and Gary (aka Granna and Granddaddy) got Perry these awesome riding toys.

Andrew's (least) favorite gift was this jar of mint jelly...that was actually the same jar we wrapped up for Matt last year. Still has not expired...does mint jelly ever really expire!?!
Beware Matt...I don't think this is over.

We opened presents until late in the evening and then all spent the night, except Matt who had to get up super early and work the next day. The next day we slept in, had breakfast, and visited until after lunch.  Then it was home to find a place for all the awesome gifts we got. It was such a fun Christmas!

Now we are working on getting all the Christmas paraphernalia taken down around the house and boxed away until next November. There is something refreshing about getting it all put away and the house "de-cluttered" for the new year and for Perry's arrival.

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