First sunday back at church

Monday, January 28, 2013
We finally made it back to church this past weekend. We had hoped to make it last sunday...but had to postpone due to the aforementioned stomach bug. 

Here we are all dressed in our sunday best!

It went ok...we made it through worship and about 7 minutes of the sermon before Perry got fussy and we had to make a quick exit. Poor thing decided to be hungry after 2 hours instead of his usual 2.5-3. Luckily Ann and Gary were working the newborn nursery so I went and visited with them while I gave Perry his lunch. After church Andrew had to head to work. Perry, Kristen (who had come to visit this weekend) and I went to lunch with some friends. Maybe someday we can make it through a whole service...until then we will be thankful for live streaming so we can watch it again afterwards.

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