It's the little things

Thursday, January 24, 2013
Months ago some girlfriends at church threw myself and several other pregnant friends a "pamper mommy" party. It was such fun...we ate yummy food, did some crafts and exchanged pampering gifts. 

During the party we also had some fun with sharpies and diapers....writing inspirational or funny things on them. I had almost forgotten all about it until I was pulling some diapers out the other night and found the stack that were decorated. It made me smile. : ) Some of them say "good job dad" and "its the middle of the day somewhere" or "call (insert phone number) if you need help."

This morning when I changed Perry he got to wear this on his bottom:

We will not talk about what this diaper looked like when I took it off him a couple hours later... regardless Jesus still loves him.

Sometimes it is really little things that make your day. : )

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