The one where our cat turned into a lion

Tuesday, February 26, 2013
Yesterday was a traumatic day for Sadie cat. She had the pleasure of a visit to the groomer for a LONG overdue de-matting. We tried to get it done last thursday but the groomer was out sick so we had to bring her home still matted and just mad for having to tolerate a car ride.

We have a cat that has decided that self grooming is just not her thing. Granted he was given the longest hair I have ever seen on a cat...but seriously...she could at least try to keep the mattes under control. We have been saying for months that we needed to take her in for a grooming and finally got around to doing it. The mattes don't seem to bother Sadie too much...I think it bothers me more than it does her.

Well we figured the only way to get the mattes out would be to shave her and start over...and well that is exactly what happened. So we are left with a very small short-haired cat. You wouldn't have known how tiny she is under all that fluff. She isn't completely naked, she was left with her pretty hair around her head, feet, and tail (you know...the lion shave). We laugh and say it looks like she is wearing a set of UGG boots.

Here are the before and after pictures (brace yourself):



She was a little traumatized to say the least. When we went to pick her up their exact words were "she is ticked" and she proceeded to hiss at us all the way home if we tried to touch her through her carrier. Once we got home though she was fine and like her old self. I have to think she feels some better with all those mattes out of her fur. Bless her heart.

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