The one where we didn't pay for breakfast

Saturday, February 23, 2013
Thursday we ventured out way too early in the morning as a family of four (yes four...our four legged child Sadie was along for the ride). Sadie had (we thought) a very special grooming appointment to make. However when we got to the groomer to drop her off we were informed that they had to cancel the feline groomings for the day because the lady who does them was out with the flu. They thought they had called every one with appointments to cancel...but apparently not. They were very nice however and offered to keep Sadie cat for us for how ever long we wanted that day while we ran errands or did what we needed to do. We didn't want to make it a completely worthless outing so we took them up on it...left Sadie behind (sorry Sadie)...and went to get some breakfast at Cracker Barrel.

The meal itself was relatively uneventful except for our waitress who upon seeing our newborn child with us proceeded to ask me how many pounds I gained while pregnant. I was so stunned by the question that I paused and answered her honestly (my response will however not be documented here). Looking back I wish I had the presence of mind to tell her it was none of her business. I got some pretty silly comments and questions from strangers while pregnant but I think this one pretty mich tops the chart of social awkwardness...weight (especially weight gain) is pretty much a no-no in conversation. Whatever.

After we finished eating and were giving Perry his second breakfast of the day a complete stranger walked up to our table. I had noticed the man eating by himself a few tables over while we were waiting for our food. He told us that he knew we were new parents because we couldn't stop looking at Perry while we ate (true, but didn't know it was that obvious). He went on to say that his wife and him had been married 33 years and never had children of their own and that he had paid for our meal so we could use that money on diapers. I think both Andrew and I were so shocked by his random act of kindness that we got out a polite thank you but didn't know quite what else to say. It was very cool and we are incredible thankful for this sweet man...not just for our breakfast...but for the reminder of how we should pay attention to the people we meet every day and go out of our way to show God's love and kindness.

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