The one where we won the bottle battle

Friday, February 22, 2013
What was probably six months ago now, Andrew and I met up with his sister, Emily, at Babies-R-Us to make our baby registry. We wandered up and down every aisle trying to figure out what we needed and wanted and what was a completely unnecessary (of which BRU has plenty...I mean really...who needs a baby bath spa). 

The bottle aisle(s) were completely overwhelming. How many do you need...of what sizes...and what brand? And then after you pick the bottles there are the multitude of nipple options (probably the only time I will use that word on the blog). At the time we opted for the ones that Emily used (Avent) and appeared to be the simplest and easiest to clean, registered for a couple, and kept our fingers crossed that Perry would like them.

Well the title of the blog post would be misleading if that is how it worked out. I nursed Perry pretty much exclusively for the first month of his little life (except for 2 times during that stomach bug incident). Knowing that I would be heading back to work at 8 weeks and the logistical nightmare it would be to pump at work, we started gradually trying to wean Perry off of nursing and onto formula. 

He did pretty well those couple times when I was so sick so we thought we had this one in the bag...but apparently he knew then that was his only option and now knew that he could have the better meal, we were just holding out on he refused...and take the bottle. We tried putting breastmilk in the bottle and he took it a little better but still not great. We tried for a week or two getting him to take one feeding a day from the bottle and and there was much anxiety and crying (from everyone involved). One night he just flat out decided not to even try to take the bottle, fell asleep hungry and slept straight through till his next nursing.

Finally we decided maybe it was a bottle problem, or a formula problem, or both. So we went to the store and bought one of about every kind of bottle they make and got out our samples of the other kind of formula. It was like a switch flipped the first time we gave him Similac formula in a Dr. Brown's bottle. He scarfed almost the whole thing down with absolutely no fussing. 

Needlesstosay we have not messed with that magic combination since. Apparently there is a big difference between these bottles:
and these formulas:

atleast to Perry there is. If only babies came with an instruction manual that tells you their preferred bottle and formula type. I am sure other babies hate this combination and actually love Enfamil in an Avent bottle. If I could find the parents of this baby I would have some stuff to sell/give them. : )

So we are officially Dr. Brown's people. For those who don't know these bottles have about a million parts and take way too long to clean...but for Perry we will do just about anything. We have comandeered quite a few more bottles now from the PX and online yardsales and spent much of yesterday afternoon getting them all sanitized and cleaned. Did I mention all the parts?

This has been a very long post, but one day (soon) we will look back and laugh at the whole ordeal now that we have finally won the bottle battle. And this mommy can go back to work not worrying that her baby will starve to death.

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