The one with the enchiladas and fondue

Sunday, February 24, 2013
Friday night Andrew had to work and Matt had a guys night, so the rest of the family got together for an impromptu "progressive dinner" - left over mexican food at Ann and Gary's and then to Eckley's for a fancy fondue dessert. There is not much better than snacks dipped in melted chocolate and peanut butter. The kiddos thought so too.

After dessert while we were playing "pass the baby" with Perry, Kate came over and said she wanted to hold him. Kate is so nurturing and loves to take care of her baby dolls. I think she is going to like having baby Perry around her house more in the coming weeks. Had to post the picture even though Kate is minus her shirt (it got covered in chocolate along with the strawberries). 

Kate also crawled up in Granddaddy's lap and told Perry a story...I couldn't make out much of it but it had something to do with a crystal mickey and bad guys. Perry listened intently. He loves to watch his big cousins play...I can't wait for him to watch them all play together real soon!

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