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The one with all the eggs

Sunday, March 31, 2013
Happy Easter Weekend! 

We started the weekend yesterday at Rivertree Church's community egg hunt. Perry was too little for egg hunting but we had a good time watching the bigger kids chase eggs and visiting with our friends. 

Perry and his buddy Barrett got to hang out together in their strollers...sporting super cool sunglasses and wubanubs. Barrett is 11 weeks older than Perry...they are going to be great friends.

Yummy...cotton candy!

Mama and her boy! Love his cute bunny outfit!

 Our little family!

We can't wait for next year when Perry will be toddling around and hunting for eggs...and begin to learn about why we celebrate Easter...past the eggs and bunnies and candy.

The one with all the faces

Saturday, March 30, 2013
Perry makes such precious faces these days. I love how expressive he is getting...and boy does he know how to get his point across. : ) When he is happy he smiles so big...but when he is sad he can pout better than anyone I have ever seen.

Love this sweet face!

The one with the old t-shirts

Thursday, March 28, 2013
I finally got all of my old sorority t-shirts out of storage recently. A sorority girl accumulates quite the collection in just 4 years of college (seriously, I have atleast 60). Instead of just letting them collect dust in my closet, or sweating in them at the gym, I decided to have some of my favorites made into a t-shirt quilt. 

Due to my non-existant quilting or sewing skills, this could never be a "pinterest project of the week (or month)." So I turned to etsy and someone who has real sewing skills. I found a girl who could turn 20 t-shirts into a cozy quilt for a great price. I washed up my shirts and sent them off to her...and just a couple of weeks later my quilt arrived on my doorstep. 

It is awesome. The backing is fleece which makes it super soft and comfy. And it makes me smile every time I look at it and remember the different events and sweet memories represented: bid day, Andrew and my's first formal, anchor splash, big sis revealing, founders day and on and on. 

Now to figure out what to do with the rest of the shirts...

Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pinterest Project of the Week - whale canvases

Tuesday, March 26, 2013
In a continuation from last weeks project theme, this week I did another piece of artwork for Perry's bathroom. I saw a picture on pinterest and thought I would give it a try. 

Supplies were 3 canvases, 3 colors of paint (plus white), paint brushes and a pencil. I free handed the image lightly with pencil first (and definitely erased and re-drew parts of it multiple times). Then I painted the white areas since I figured that would look better than blank canvas. My brush strokes on the water portion unintentionally wound up looking like waves. Then I took different sized brushes and painted the rest being sure to cover my pencil lines. 

The whole project took maybe 1.5 hours initially then another 30 minutes the next day to touch up.

You could do any colors, but I used the same ones I saw on pinterest because they happened to match the bathroom.

Here is my handiwork

We hung it over the toilet and I love how it turned out!

I am so close to having his bathroom pretty much "done." One more project to go.

The one with the Gibsons

Sunday, March 24, 2013
A couple of weeks ago we had dinner at Gibson's BBQ with my family (the Gibsons). It was great to catch up with everyone and see my sister Caroline who was home on spring break. We don't get to see enough of her...she is off doing that college thing (excuses excuses).  

Caroline finally got to hold her nephew. I think they bonded. Especially after he spit up on her arm. : )

Mommyteen got to hang out with Perry and give him his bottle while his mama ate her dinner.

We are so blessed to live near our families so we can meet for quick dinners on a weeknight and be a regular part of each others lives.

The one in the whimsical woods

Thursday, March 21, 2013
The weather this past weekend was absolutely glorious. I am so glad that Andrew was off this weekend so we could enjoy it as a family...and enjoy it we did. Saturday morning our 10 week old alarm clock went off at 7:15 (well actually it went off at 5:15 am as well...but thankfully put himself back to sleep), and we went to Panera for some breakfast. Then we headed up on Monte Sano to go to explore Burritt. It was fun and surprisingly stroller friendly. Perry loved riding around (and napping) in his stroller. It was super sunny so the sunscreen and sunglasses were a must. 

It had been a while since we had been up on Burritt (for something other than a wedding) so we enjoyed learning about the houses and animals from the workers there. Despite being opening day for Whimsical Woods, we pretty much had the place to ourselves.

Did I mention how absolutely beautiful the weather was. We stopped and fed sweet Perry on the overlook.

We knew Perry was a little (ok a lot) too young to do the activities in the Whimsical Woods...but it all looked super cute. If you have toddlers/kids, I would highly recommend you go check it out and let them play. 

After Burritt, we went and walked around bridgestreet a while to enjoy the outdoors and grab some lunch. We also might have gone to Barnes and Noble and bought Perry a stack of new books (I blame that on the Whimsical Woods...and the fact that it brought to light how much Andrew and I have forgotten about children's fairy tales). It was such a fun weekend as a family. Sad that Andrew has to work every other weekend...but it makes us really enjoy and savor the ones we have.

Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pinterest Project of the Week - Jesus and germs

Sunday, March 17, 2013
My pinterest project this week was a sign for Perry's bathroom. So far I have not done a lot with his bathroom...well because he really won't be using for quite a while and I had bigger things to decorate (like a nursery). I did buy him some new towels and decided to go with a general navy and green theme. The walls however are were totally bare. This is the first of several projects I have planned to help spruce up his bathroom walls. 

I found the quote on pinterest (it has been around forever...I had just forgotten about it) painted on a piece of wood.  After doing some searching for a digital download of the quote on etsy with little success, I decided to improvise and make my own version of the sign. It is surprising what you can do with microsoft word, a few different fonts, and a bunch of text boxes. I am quite happy with how it came out. I literally made the sign in word, printed it on plain white paper and then framed it in this cute navy (even though it looks black in the picture) 8x10 frame I found at hobby lobby 50% off. I finally got hubby to hang it in the bathroom tonight and I love it! Once I get the bathroom more put together I will post more pictures.

Remember...wash your hands and say your prayers...  : )

The one with the shamrocks and corned beef

We got to have a date night Friday thanks to my awesome in-laws who were able to come over and babysit our sweet boy. For our date night we went to the annual UCP fundraiser "An Irish Evening" in honor of St. Patricks Day.  The event was a litte different from last year - more casual, more people - but just as fun. We got to eat some good irish food like corned beef and soda bread and some not so irish food (pizza and bundt cakes?!?). We also got some great stuff at the silent auction.

Perry apparently was worn out from playing with Daddy all day Friday because he slept all evening for granna and granddaddy. Friday night was a lot of fun and a great start to a busy but fun-filled weekend.

The one in Mississippi

Thursday, March 14, 2013
Last Saturday was a big first...Perry's first road trip. This mama was a little (ok...a lot) nervous about taking Perry out of town and how he would do being away from home all day.

Reagan, Gina and I planned a day trip to Columbus Mississippi (Reagan's hometown) to go to Fashion Apparel, this awesome designer discount store that opens up twice a year. They sell designer brand women and kids clothes at crazy good prices. That particular weekend everything in the store was 70-77% off. It was awesome. I got Perry a bunch of cute outfits (as if the child needs more clothes...) and me a couple of new Lily Pulitzer dresses. Then we hit up a consignment store and an awesome gift store down town - The Purple Elephant.

We left right after Perry's 6 am feeding and got all the way there 3 1/2 hours later before he needed to eat again, and did the same thing coming home. Perry slept almost the whole way there and back in the car which was awesome. He was also a trooper during the day of shopping. We spent some time at Reagan's parents' house so we could feed Perry and let him wiggle. Perry was definitely sick of his carseat by the time the day was over and I promised him he would not have to be in it much the next couple of days. : )

I did an abismal job taking pictures that day. Here is the only one I have of me and Perry at lunch.

It was Perry's first trip out of Alabama. I hope he continues to be a good traveler. We can't wait to show him the country (and the world). We can now check one state off the "visited" list. We are going to try to keep track of the states he visits by adding stars on a digital map. Two down...48 to go.

Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pinterest Project of the Week - highchair hook

Sunday, March 10, 2013
I love pinterest. There are so many awesome ideas on there and so little time (seriously so little time). Lately I find myself pinning things...often when I am trying to go to sleep at our new (parents of an infant) bedtime...but never actually doing any of them. In an effort to buck that trend I am going to resolve to do one "pinterest project" each week. Kind of a new years resolution 3 months late (forgive me...I was a little busy at the beginning of January).  : )

We will see how it will likely vary from recipes to decorating to kid things. This week I am starting  slow and easy. This idea has been on one of my pinterest boards forever:

It is just a command strip hook added to the back of Perry's highchair to hold bibs and took less than 5 minutes to do. Seriously genius. We are not to the highchair stage yet but once we are it will be super convenient to just reach around and grab a bib instead of searching for one in a kitchen drawer with a hungry baby waiting. Manufacturers really ought to just add these to highchairs from the get-go. 

Happy Sunday!

The one with the sunglasses

Friday, March 8, 2013
Everything is cuter when it is baby-sized.

Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The one where mama goes back to work

Monday, March 4, 2013
It has been a bittersweet day. After eight weeks off of work and spending almost 24 hours a day with my little man, I went back to work. I absolutely love my job and work, and there is definitely part of me that is glad to be back. However I would be lying if I said it was easy to leave Perry this morning.

We are blessed beyond measure that I was not dropping our eight week old baby off at a daycare this morning. Between Andrew and my work schedules, we can be home with Perry all but 1-2 days per week, and my sweet sister-in-law who works part time and stays home with her kiddos has agreed to keep him the days we can't.

So this morning my alarm went off at 5:30 so I could finish getting ready. I woke Perry up at 6 to feed him and got him ready. Somehow or another we were able to get out the door by about 6:45...well it was almost 6:45 but I realized when I went to put Perry in his carseat he had decided to poop between that moment and his last diaper change 20 minutes we dealt with that then we were out the door.

I took Perry over to Emily's in plenty of time for her to get him in the car and take Ben to school. Then I rejoined the millions (seemingly) of other people trying to get over the mountain into Huntsville during rush hour. The construction on Governors drive has caused all sorts of issues...definitely haven't missed the commute the past 8 weeks. But I made it to work minutes before 8:00 which was awesome. I was just sure I would be late (and I am sure there will be many mornings in the near future that will not go as well and I will be).

Perry had a great time hanging out with aunt Emily and cousin Kate today. I pray they will continue to have good days together. Emily sent me updates and pictures throughout the day which was awesome.

Kate was super excited to see Perry show up this morning

I hear he really liked watching Kate (and Ben once he was home from school) play. The Eckley house is definitely more lively than ours.

Between myself, Andrew and Emily, our schedule is a bit of musical baby care taking. But no matter what day of the week it is I know Perry is getting lots of love and care. A trade-off to our work schedules and avoiding daycare is that there is not a lot of time for our family of three to be together. A prayer we have is that we will enjoy and savor the times we have as a family and that Andrew and I will continue make time for each other. 

For now it is time to get ready for bed...but we survived day 1 of mama back at on to tomorrow.

The one where Ben turns 6

Our nephew (Perry's cousin), Ben, turned 6 this weekend. He is growing up so fast and it is so fun to watch. I remember coming up to Huntsville with Andrew shortly after he was born (and we were still just dating) to meet him.

We got to celebrate with him all weekend long and it was really fun. Friday night we went over to Ben's house for steaks (that is what the 6 year old wanted), cake and presents.

This year for his parties he wanted a pool/water theme. A little difficult to pull off in March but Emily did it. The cake for the family party turned out super cute! I doubt she ever thought she would ever have to paint bathing suits onto teddy grahams. : )

We had to get a family picture with the birthday boy!

Perry had a lot of fun watching all the people and excitement

 and even tried out Aunt Emily's bumbo seat. He liked it...but we still need to work on some head/torso control before he can spent much time there.

Then Saturday Ben had his friends birthday party at the YMCA (indoor) pool and he was nice enough to let family tag along. It snowed Saturday (in March...crazy Huntsville weather) so it was really funny to see all the kids in their bathing suits and winter coats. The kids had a blast. We got to see first hand just how wild a bunch of boys can be...and had visions of our future. : )

Granna kept them entertained while waiting on everyone to arrive

The birthday boy in the pool

Perry just hung out beside the pool and watched the kids play and took a nap

 Happy 6th Birthday Ben! We love you!

The one where Perry turns 2 months old

Sunday, March 3, 2013
Perry, we can't believe you are 2 months old already.

  • You weigh 11 lb 10 oz and are 22.5 inches long. The pediatrician says you look great!
  • You are an awesome eater and have been from the beginning. You now can eat 5-6 oz of formula 5 times a day. We sometimes call you our little barracuda. In one of our parenting books, it talks about different patterns of eating in babies. Barracudas "get right down to business." 
  • You are sleeping in your crib now and are sleeping through the night (and have been for a couple weeks).
  • You have recently started smiling a lot. You are a happy baby! 
  • You love it when we talk and sing with you. You love to play on your play mat and swing. You are very interested in the world around you and get bored easily.
  • You enjoy evening baths and even enjoy diaper changes (for now). 
  • Your least favorite activities are getting clothes on (and getting arms and heads through their respective holes) and taking your reflux medicine.
  • You are getting so big and learning new things every day. We can't wait to see what the next month has in store!

Mommy and Daddy

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