Pinterest Project of the Week - highchair hook

Sunday, March 10, 2013
I love pinterest. There are so many awesome ideas on there and so little time (seriously so little time). Lately I find myself pinning things...often when I am trying to go to sleep at our new (parents of an infant) bedtime...but never actually doing any of them. In an effort to buck that trend I am going to resolve to do one "pinterest project" each week. Kind of a new years resolution 3 months late (forgive me...I was a little busy at the beginning of January).  : )

We will see how it will likely vary from recipes to decorating to kid things. This week I am starting  slow and easy. This idea has been on one of my pinterest boards forever:

It is just a command strip hook added to the back of Perry's highchair to hold bibs and took less than 5 minutes to do. Seriously genius. We are not to the highchair stage yet but once we are it will be super convenient to just reach around and grab a bib instead of searching for one in a kitchen drawer with a hungry baby waiting. Manufacturers really ought to just add these to highchairs from the get-go. 

Happy Sunday!

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