The one in Mississippi

Thursday, March 14, 2013
Last Saturday was a big first...Perry's first road trip. This mama was a little (ok...a lot) nervous about taking Perry out of town and how he would do being away from home all day.

Reagan, Gina and I planned a day trip to Columbus Mississippi (Reagan's hometown) to go to Fashion Apparel, this awesome designer discount store that opens up twice a year. They sell designer brand women and kids clothes at crazy good prices. That particular weekend everything in the store was 70-77% off. It was awesome. I got Perry a bunch of cute outfits (as if the child needs more clothes...) and me a couple of new Lily Pulitzer dresses. Then we hit up a consignment store and an awesome gift store down town - The Purple Elephant.

We left right after Perry's 6 am feeding and got all the way there 3 1/2 hours later before he needed to eat again, and did the same thing coming home. Perry slept almost the whole way there and back in the car which was awesome. He was also a trooper during the day of shopping. We spent some time at Reagan's parents' house so we could feed Perry and let him wiggle. Perry was definitely sick of his carseat by the time the day was over and I promised him he would not have to be in it much the next couple of days. : )

I did an abismal job taking pictures that day. Here is the only one I have of me and Perry at lunch.

It was Perry's first trip out of Alabama. I hope he continues to be a good traveler. We can't wait to show him the country (and the world). We can now check one state off the "visited" list. We are going to try to keep track of the states he visits by adding stars on a digital map. Two down...48 to go.

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