The one where Ben turns 6

Monday, March 4, 2013
Our nephew (Perry's cousin), Ben, turned 6 this weekend. He is growing up so fast and it is so fun to watch. I remember coming up to Huntsville with Andrew shortly after he was born (and we were still just dating) to meet him.

We got to celebrate with him all weekend long and it was really fun. Friday night we went over to Ben's house for steaks (that is what the 6 year old wanted), cake and presents.

This year for his parties he wanted a pool/water theme. A little difficult to pull off in March but Emily did it. The cake for the family party turned out super cute! I doubt she ever thought she would ever have to paint bathing suits onto teddy grahams. : )

We had to get a family picture with the birthday boy!

Perry had a lot of fun watching all the people and excitement

 and even tried out Aunt Emily's bumbo seat. He liked it...but we still need to work on some head/torso control before he can spent much time there.

Then Saturday Ben had his friends birthday party at the YMCA (indoor) pool and he was nice enough to let family tag along. It snowed Saturday (in March...crazy Huntsville weather) so it was really funny to see all the kids in their bathing suits and winter coats. The kids had a blast. We got to see first hand just how wild a bunch of boys can be...and had visions of our future. : )

Granna kept them entertained while waiting on everyone to arrive

The birthday boy in the pool

Perry just hung out beside the pool and watched the kids play and took a nap

 Happy 6th Birthday Ben! We love you!

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