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The one in Jordan-Hare

Wednesday, April 24, 2013
The stomach bug subsided just in time for all of us to be eating normal foods and well enough to make the trip to Auburn last weekend for A-day. A-day is not typically the most exciting weekend in Auburn Football, but this year Auburn family from across the country made the extra effort to be there...not just to see the new football team under Gus Malzhan's leadership...but more so for the final rolling of Toomers corner after the game.

I think everyone, including the University, Athletic department, and city of Auburn, did not expect the crowds that descended on our beloved little college town last weekend. Originally there were no plans to open the upper decks of the stadium, half the concession stands weren't open and they planned to have a stage and "block party" at Toomers corner following the game. Once 83K people showed up at the gates of Jordan-Hare Stadium those plans all seemed largely insufficient. The ramps and upper decks were open, concession stands ran out of food, and there were still people in line to get in in the second quarter. The atmosphere really felt like a big football game (minus the opposing team and their fans).

We drove down to Auburn saturday morning since Andrew had to work late Friday night. We loaded up the is ridiculous how much stuff you need (or think you need) to take a baby out of town overnight. After driving around for a while trying to find a parking place and finally resorting to paying the local Taco Bell for a spot, we fed Perry his lunch, lathered him up with sunscreen, and headed down towards the stadium where we met up with the Eckleys.

We walked past Toomers Corner where the trees already had already begun to be rolled

We stopped into the new student union for a break from the sun before the game started

Perry did great during the game...although he had no idea he was at a game since he napped the whole time in Daddy's arms. But we did get our first family picture inside Jordan-Hare Stadium. Priceless.

I have to honestly say I didn't do a lot of watching of the game...but I hear there are some things for the team to work on between now and August. Hopefully they will and we will have a better year this year. If not, we can be glad we are part of the Auburn family for more than just a football team.

 I am so glad we got to be a part of the 83K record breaking A-day crowd!

The one with 83K of our closest friends

Monday, April 22, 2013
We had an amazing weekend in Auburn. It was incredible to see how many Auburn alums and fans came out to support our football team and say goodbye to our beloved oak trees. There will be many blog posts and pictures to come, but until then here is one of my favorites. War Eagle!

The one with 120 cupcakes

Monday, April 15, 2013
Whew. What a weekend it has been. We did a lot of laying around and resting saturday evening and sunday and this is why. Several of the young-married lifegroups at church combined to put together a garage sale and cupcake (and muffin and coffee) sale saturday morning. 

Rivertree has been having a big push throughout the month of April to raise money for SixtyFeet, a ministry for imprisoned children in Uganda. So we spent the last week pulling stuff from our houses to sell, organizing and pricing and baking lots and lots of cupcakes. 

We got to get rid of a bunch of stuff we don't use anymore and make money for Africa. It was a win-win.

There was lots of stuff! Traffic was a little slow getting started, but once it did we had a steady stream all morning long.

The kiddos had a great time hanging out in the shade of the garage.

Perry and his friend Barrett

Reagan with Hannah and Coleman

Perry loves "playing" with other kids. He thinks they are hilarious.

I wish I had taken a picture of the cupcakes before we started selling them. I think we started with about 120 (s'mores, salted chocolate caramel, vanilla, carrot, strawberry, and key lime...not your everyday boxed cupcakes), plus a whole bunch of muffins.

We sold all but 12. Here is the carnage in the kitchen after the sale.

The kids did a great job helping us sell cupcakes. I mean who can say no to this little guy in his Cupcake Kids onesie? Despite this picture, I promise we didn't keep him out in the sun much. : )

It turned out awesome. We were able to raise $1300 for SixtyFeet in one morning. And it was such a fun time getting to hang out with our extended lifegroup family. It was a long day though. We met before 6 am and finished up loading up what didn't sell and taking it to the Care Center in New Hope about 2 pm. So we were pretty much worthless the rest of the weekend.

The one with the yard sales, t-balls and tiaras

Tuesday, April 9, 2013
Yardsales, t-balls and tiaras...that pretty much sums up our weekend.

Twice a year our community Hampton Cove (ok...well technically us on the Walmart side of the road don't live in Hampton Cove...but that is neither here nor there) has a gigantic yard sale. Everyone who wants to participate pulls their junk stuff into their driveway, ties some balloons on their mailbox, and lets others come shop.

Andrew's parents (who live in Hampton Cove proper) let us and Emily/Matt bring our stuff over to sell and together made one big yardsale...there was sooo much stuff...evidenced by how much money we made collectively. We didn't have that much stuff to contribute but still got rid of almost everything and made $87 for SixtyFeet, one of our church's mission partners in Uganda. 

While our stuff was being sold, I got to go out and do a little shopping myself. I found some really good deals on nice clothes and a few toys for Perry...I know he doesn't need more clothes...but sometimes you just can't help it (plus most of it was 2T stuff to store away for later).

Later on Saturday, Perry and I got to go to Ben's first t-ball game of the season. The weather was beautiful for spending a few hours at the ballpark. 

Perry snoozed through most of it

Ben did awesome. He is so much more engaged in the game this year.

Sunday, after church, Gary/Granddaddy agreed to hang out with Perry for a little while while the girls (Ann, Emily, Kate and me) all went to a Sleeping Beauty ballet. It was really fun.

Princess Kate

Meanwhile Perry had a grand time with granddaddy

We are so glad it is finally warming up so we can have more fun weekends spent outside!

The one with the sweet bath time faces

Monday, April 8, 2013
We have been having a lot of baths attempt to get rid of the pesky cradle cap for once and for all. Our night routine has been oiling up Perry's head and turning him into a grease monkey for about 15 minute, and then washing his hair good with shampoo and a brush. 
Good thing our sweet boy likes baths! 

Our happy and squeaky clean boy

March Photo Roundup

Saturday, April 6, 2013
Odds and ends, and this and thats, from the month of March...from Perry's point of view.

St. Patricks Day, smiling at my Daddy.

Nap time...on my tummy under mommy's watchful eye.

Not real sure about this whole bumbo thing just yet...

I crack myself up making faces in the mirror

Smiling at Great Grandma

Mommy's friend Meredith came to visit

Thanks for the awesome Noah's Ark outfit Aunt T

This is where I hang out while my parents get ready in the mornings

And to prove that Mommy really does go to work...
...filming time for the Touching Triton project at HudsonAlpha.

The one where a cow dressed up like a knight

Friday, April 5, 2013
This is a bit overdue, but we finally got the picture of our family from the date "knight" a few months back from Chick-fil-a. I think this was Perry's first experience with a costumed character...and he could not have cared less at the time. We will see how he does as he gets a little older. 

Thank you Chick-fil-a for being so family friendly and hosting special events for your customers. 

We are finally getting a Chick-fil-a near our house in Hampton Cove in June. It can not be built fast enough!

The one where Perry turns 3 months old

Thursday, April 4, 2013
Perry, we can't believe you are 3 months old already. That's a quarter of a year!

  • You weigh 13 pounds, 10 ounces. Thats right around the 50th percentile.
  • You don't see the pediatrician this month. Your next appointment is at 4 months. You have been doing awesome so we have had no reason to call him either.
  • You are still a good eater (most of the time). Sometimes your 10-11 am bottle is less than interesting to you. But most days you eat 6 oz of formula 5 times per day.
  • You are still sleeping in your crib but this month mommy and daddy moved back downstairs to their room. Don't worry, we are still listening closely on the monitor; but you rarely make a peep at night. You are still sleeping in your miracle blanket at night, but are doing better at sleeping naps unswaddled.
  • You are smiling more and more every day. You have also started laughing some...and it is the sweetest sound.
  • You have also started cooing and "talking." It is awesome to hear you becoming more verbal (with something other than cries). : )
  • You have "found" your hands and feet and decided your fists are great for sucking on. You still have very little interest in a paci.
  • No more reflux medicine for you. We forgot to give it one morning and you were fine, so we quit with Dr. Ellis' blessing. You are hated that stuff.
  • You still love baths and have learned to splash your feet around in the water. 
  • You are getting so big! You are wearing mostly 3-6 month clothes.
  • It has been an unseasonably cold spring. We can't wait for some consistently warmer weather so we can take more walks and hang out outside.
  • No rolling over yet - you are starting to get the hang of rolling onto your side so it will probably not be long.
  • You are definitely a cuddler. You love to be wrapped up and cuddle with your blankets, stuffed animals, burp cloths...really anything within reach. Hopefully you will keep on wanting to cuddle with mommy and daddy.

Photo-op with one of my bunnies in honor of Easter

Checking out my feet

Sweet smile

After about 50 picture flashes, this is your "don't keep taking pictures or else I am going to keep making this face" face. : ) Funny boy!

We Love You,
Mommy and Daddy

The one with Karen and Elenya

Wednesday, April 3, 2013
One thing that made Easter weekend extra special this year was having my Aunt Karen and Cousin Elenya in town visiting grandma. We got to hang out with them for a bit Friday at our house and went to lunch at The Marketplace Cafe. It was great to see them and let Perry meet them for the first time.

(Great) Grandma and Perry

Perry and one of his first cousins, once removed. The genetic counselor in me has to get the relationship right. : )

Elenya and Perry

(Great) Aunt Karen and Perry

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