The one at the havoc game

Tuesday, April 2, 2013
One of our winnings at the UCP silent auction was a pack with 4 Huntsville Havoc hockey tickets (amongst other things). Since the havoc season was a week from over we didn't have tons of options of when to cash the tickets in. Luckily there was a Saturday night game after Andrew got off work and our friends Adrienne, Chad and Cathy were free to join us. 

We are bound and determined to not let having a baby totally re-organize our lives and keep us from getting out and doing things. We generally have the opinion of "lets try it, and if it doesn't go well then we can leave." Most of the time we are pleasantly surprised at how well he does.

Perry did awesome at the hockey game. His carseat fit perfectly in a seat at the VBC and he loved just sitting and watching the action. He loves noise. He watched for a while and then drifted off to sleep. 

We did learn that he is not a fan of cowbells (sorry MS State friends)...there were some fans nearby shaking them occasionally and that got him all roiled up. The havoc did not win...but we had a great time...actually we did a lot more talking with friends than we did watching the game. Perry got fussy right before we left because it was getting close to bottle and bed time....hence the screaming in the picture below.

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