The one in Jordan-Hare

Wednesday, April 24, 2013
The stomach bug subsided just in time for all of us to be eating normal foods and well enough to make the trip to Auburn last weekend for A-day. A-day is not typically the most exciting weekend in Auburn Football, but this year Auburn family from across the country made the extra effort to be there...not just to see the new football team under Gus Malzhan's leadership...but more so for the final rolling of Toomers corner after the game.

I think everyone, including the University, Athletic department, and city of Auburn, did not expect the crowds that descended on our beloved little college town last weekend. Originally there were no plans to open the upper decks of the stadium, half the concession stands weren't open and they planned to have a stage and "block party" at Toomers corner following the game. Once 83K people showed up at the gates of Jordan-Hare Stadium those plans all seemed largely insufficient. The ramps and upper decks were open, concession stands ran out of food, and there were still people in line to get in in the second quarter. The atmosphere really felt like a big football game (minus the opposing team and their fans).

We drove down to Auburn saturday morning since Andrew had to work late Friday night. We loaded up the is ridiculous how much stuff you need (or think you need) to take a baby out of town overnight. After driving around for a while trying to find a parking place and finally resorting to paying the local Taco Bell for a spot, we fed Perry his lunch, lathered him up with sunscreen, and headed down towards the stadium where we met up with the Eckleys.

We walked past Toomers Corner where the trees already had already begun to be rolled

We stopped into the new student union for a break from the sun before the game started

Perry did great during the game...although he had no idea he was at a game since he napped the whole time in Daddy's arms. But we did get our first family picture inside Jordan-Hare Stadium. Priceless.

I have to honestly say I didn't do a lot of watching of the game...but I hear there are some things for the team to work on between now and August. Hopefully they will and we will have a better year this year. If not, we can be glad we are part of the Auburn family for more than just a football team.

 I am so glad we got to be a part of the 83K record breaking A-day crowd!

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