The one where we celebrated our Risen Savior

Monday, April 1, 2013
Easter Sunday is always great, but even greater when you have a little one to celebrate with. Even though Perry is too little to understand the meaning behind Easter or the presents that appear in a monogrammed basket...but we celebrated with him all the same. 

Perry got this awesome "First Easter" bib from Aunt T

Perry looked so handsome in his cream smocked outfit

Perry's first Easter basket. He got a super soft bear play mat, lamb hooded towel, a Peter the Rabbit book, a bib and some spoons, and of course a stuffed rabbit...oh and a Perry the Platapus pez candy dispenser from daddy.

Looking at his book with mommy

My two favorite boys. #handsome

Thanks for my duck Granna and Granddaddy

Easter dinner at Granna and Granddaddy's

While the adults ate lunch, Perry was perfect and napped in the bouncy seat.

It was a pretty low key day since the Eckley's were off sailing the Caribbean. Perry missed his crazy cousins running around. Gary, Andrew and Perry took long naps all afternoon.

Perry is one well loved little boy. Mommy and Daddy, and the rest of his family, spoiled him this Easter. Oh well, you only have one First Easter right? 

Happy Easter! 
"He is Risen...He is Risen, Indeed!"

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