The one with the norovirus...again

Sunday, May 5, 2013
Sorry I have been MIA the last couple of days. I am unhappy to report that our house has been plagued by the dreaded Norovirus G11.4 Sydney (aka terrible australian stomach bug that has been circulating like wildfire this year). If you remember, we had the unpleasure of dealing with this a few months back just two weeks after I had Perry.

We didn't know where we got it last time...and have no idea where it came from this time just hits you like a mack truck out of nowhere and makes you feel terrible for a couple days.

I got sick Tuesday morning and then poor Perry got sick later Tuesday afternoon. Bless his heart, he somehow avoided it last time I was sick but no such luck this time.

I will spare the details but we couldn't get Perry to keep much in his stomach for almost 24 hours and were close to a trip to the ER for fear of dehydration....but just in the nick of time the sweet boy peed...and we have never been so happy to change a wet diaper. We also learned that he likes Pedialyte. When he would refuse formula, he would drink ounces of that stuff.

It is so not easy to take care of a sick baby when you are sick yourself. We made ourselves a nest in bed together and just survived. Thankfully Daddy came home from work yesterday afternoon so he could help make bottles and lysol the house.

Both Perry and I are much improved today. What has been amazing is how happy Perry has stayed while he didn't feel well. He would still smile and laugh and wanted lots of snuggles. It is terrible to see your baby not feel good. I hope so much that we are well on our way to being back to 100% and that Andrew stays well. But nonetheless I think we have survived Perry's first sickness and hope we don't have to do that again anytime soon.

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