The one with the yard sales, t-balls and tiaras

Tuesday, April 9, 2013
Yardsales, t-balls and tiaras...that pretty much sums up our weekend.

Twice a year our community Hampton Cove (ok...well technically us on the Walmart side of the road don't live in Hampton Cove...but that is neither here nor there) has a gigantic yard sale. Everyone who wants to participate pulls their junk stuff into their driveway, ties some balloons on their mailbox, and lets others come shop.

Andrew's parents (who live in Hampton Cove proper) let us and Emily/Matt bring our stuff over to sell and together made one big yardsale...there was sooo much stuff...evidenced by how much money we made collectively. We didn't have that much stuff to contribute but still got rid of almost everything and made $87 for SixtyFeet, one of our church's mission partners in Uganda. 

While our stuff was being sold, I got to go out and do a little shopping myself. I found some really good deals on nice clothes and a few toys for Perry...I know he doesn't need more clothes...but sometimes you just can't help it (plus most of it was 2T stuff to store away for later).

Later on Saturday, Perry and I got to go to Ben's first t-ball game of the season. The weather was beautiful for spending a few hours at the ballpark. 

Perry snoozed through most of it

Ben did awesome. He is so much more engaged in the game this year.

Sunday, after church, Gary/Granddaddy agreed to hang out with Perry for a little while while the girls (Ann, Emily, Kate and me) all went to a Sleeping Beauty ballet. It was really fun.

Princess Kate

Meanwhile Perry had a grand time with granddaddy

We are so glad it is finally warming up so we can have more fun weekends spent outside!

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