Pinterest Project(s) of the Week - baby dedication crafting

Monday, May 20, 2013
I took a little hiatus on the pinterest projects lately, partly out of the busyness of life and partly because the crafting I have been doing has mostly been for Perry's baby dedication and I didn't want to give away the details until after the party.

But now I am ready to show them off without a spoiler alert needed. The other day, I blogged about the party itself and the vendors/resources I used, and today I am going to go through the DIY aspects of the party.

1. Slideshow of pictures/music
No need for a picture here. I put together a slideshow of music and pictures of Perry to have running on the TV in the background. Apple TV is wonderful for this. All I had to do was make an album in iPhoto (where all our photos are stored anyway) and a playlist (of my favorite worship music) in iTunes of music and share it with the TV. Seriously took all of 30 minutes. We really enjoyed watching the pictures scroll by and reminiscing with our families how tiny P used to be (even if it was only a couple months ago).

2. Fireplace banner
Banners are super easy to make and look great hung across a fireplace or anywhere else in the house. All you need is some scrapbook paper, a cricut (or lettering stencils), a hole punch and some ribbon.

3. Gift tags
I have these awesome paper shape punches from hobby lobby (no idea what the proper term is...but they are like giant hole punches). I have two sizes and edge styles that are perfect for making gift tags, cupcake toppers, etc. I put them together with craft glue and then used a normal hole punch to make a hole so I could attach the tag to the gift with twine.

4. Framed verses
No description needed. Just typed the verses up in good ol' microsoft word, printed them out and put them in frames I had laying around the house.

5. Twine
I love twine. You can use it to add some texture and color without it overtaking whatever it is you are dressing up. I used it to tie around the mik bottle cups, around jars and serving containers and around the mothers day gifts/favors. Other awesome thing is you can get a huge spool of the stuff for super cheap...and it will last you forever.

6. Striped canvases
We typically have these brown/green painted fork knife and spoon canvases over the buffet in our breakfast room. I love them...but they were definitely not going to match the party color scheme. So I decided to paint some replacement canvases as a backdrop (since we had the nails there to hang them already). Stripes are so easy to paint...all you have to do is use some painters tape or masking tape to make stripes and paint over it. Then when you pull the tape off...voila...white stripes (or whatever color the canvas was) appear. I have a feeling I will be doing this again and again for different parties...probably just painting over the same 3 canvases.

7. Napkin "rings"
This is one of my go-to ways to customize a party. Get some scrapbook paper in your color of choice, cut 1 inch thick strips and tape it around your napkins to make "napkin rings."

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