The one where Perry turns 4 months old

Tuesday, May 7, 2013
Happy 4 months sweet boy!


Here are some highlights of what you are up to these days:
  • You are 14 lb 9 oz and 24.5 inches long. Both of those are right at the 50%ile. You have been tracking along the 50%ile line since you were born. So you are right on track and growing great! Your head circumference (for anyone who is counting) is 16.5.
  • You started rolling over last month. You can go from your back to your tummy but have not yet mastered the skill of getting from your tummy to your back. You are pretty proud of yourself when you roll over.
  • You talk and laugh a lot. And everyone has fun making you smile.
  • You still love your play mat and swing. You have just started getting to play in your bumbo seat and jumparoo.
  • You are eating somewhere between 6-8 ounces 5x per day. You get distracted while eating really easily which can make feeding you difficult.
  • When you are awake you much prefer to sit or stand up (with a little support) than lay down.
  • You got a stomach bug this month and we learned that you like pedialyte. You also got your first sunburn..ouch. Sorry baby.
  • You love to be out and about and love to watch people. This is great because our schedule is always changing and you are pretty good about going with the flow.
  • You usually are ready to go to bed by about 8 pm. We still wake you up to eat one more time at 9:30 pm and then you sleep till morning. If we don't wake you up, you will often sleep past 8 am which is awesome. Mommy and daddy thank you for that.
It seems like you are growing and changing every day. You seem like much more of a little boy and less like a baby these days. We are so proud of you and what you are learning to do and are trying to savor each and every day. We love you pear-bear!

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