The one whereafter dinner will never be the same

Thursday, May 9, 2013
This past week Perry began the adventure of semi-solid food. We got the blessing from the pediatrician and call it first-child syndrome - but we were excited to give it a try. After searching two stores (seriously can you be totally out of infant cereal), I proudly came home with our first box of rice cereal.

Perry did awesome. No tongue thrusting and no spitting it back out. At first he just let the spoon sit in his mouth, but after a time or two he began sucking the cereal off the spoon. He is not at pro status yet...but he is doing great for 4 months old. We are keeping it simple...evenings where it is convenient we offer him some after his dinner bottle...and when it doesn't fit in the schedule we skip it. The formula is where his nutrition is anyway. Once he gets good with the rice we will move on to more exciting things like oatmeal and squash.

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