The one with the colorful feet

Thursday, May 16, 2013
Mothers day gifts (all gifts really) have gotten a tad easier these days...I mean while no one wants a butterfly canvas made from my or Andrew's feet...who wouldn't want one made from Perry's precious 4 month old feet. 

Thanks to pinterest, some paint and a bumbo chair we got to work on one of mama's days off a couple weeks ago. The bumbo chair was perfect for the gave easy access to P's feet while made it impossible for his feet to touch anything and get paint everywhere.

We made 11 canvases (as favors for P's baby dedication party) and two cards to put in the mail to out of town grandparents. Perry tolerated the whole experience pretty well. The butterflies wings are made from his footprints while the antenna are made from his thumb prints (which were significantly harder to do...I figured out the best plan was to do those while he was half After that I drew in the bodies and sprayed a matte sealer over top. Then the canvases were ready to be dressed in twine and gift tags.

Happy Mother's Day!

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