The one with the sunburn

Wednesday, May 8, 2013
Let it be known that red heads and UV rays do not mix. I thought I knew that and knew that I would have to watch Perry closely when it came to the sun. However even I underestimated his sensitivity to UV. At the moonbuggy races last weekend it was cloudy and rainy...and not the slightly overcast where you know you might still get sun...we are talking seriously gray and rainy. The thought of sunscreen crossed my mind and I made a conscious decision to not use it...famous last words. 

You know where this is going. He got some sun. Not tons...I mean we saw he was a little pink that evening but thought it would just fade away by the next day...and it did. Until I wiped his little cheek with a burp cloth and a circle of skin came off. Talk about scary. It was a thin layer but still definitely not ready to come off because it exposed an under layer of skin that was not ready to see the light of day. Luckily the issue was confined to that one small place on one of his cheeks...also strange. It spent the next day or two oozing (gross i know) and scabbing over. 

We would up taking him to the pediatrician for looked like it was healing well but we just wanted it looked at and wanted some antibiotic cream to keep it from getting infected. Dr. Ellis said it was just a bad reaction to some sun and that it would go away in about a week. It has. Less than a week later you can barely see that anything ever happened. 

Baby skin cell mitosis happens quickly.

Our poor baby after his first sunburn 

Dr. Ellis also said he typically doesn't recommend sunscreen until 6 months but any risk of a rash due to sunscreen is worth it to keep this from happening again. So noted - anytime Perry is out for any length of time during the day, even if it is storming outside, he is getting lathered up in sunscreen. Maybe we should buy stock in Coppertone. 

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