Pinterest Project of the Week - painting for the bathroom

Tuesday, June 11, 2013
For a while I have been eyeing this wall in our bathroom across from our tile shower, thinking "that is a big open space and could really use some art." I originally thought I would purchase some kind of watercolor canvas painting...but never found just the right thing (that wasn't super expensive). A month or two back though I was in a local restaurant and saw a painting on the wall that I thought would be perfect. Instead of figuring out where they got it...I just decided to take matters into my own hands and make a similar version myself...I mean it is definitely not a Monet.

Here is the inspiration (can you identify the restaurant?)

Here is my painting half way done. I started by painting the background light blue and then added the other colors on top until I liked the way it looked...very scientific process.

Here is the finished product. I think it works good and has the look and style I was going for (not to mention it was cheap). And I also think I should not quit my day job and take up painting professionally.

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