The one at the strawberry patch

Tuesday, June 4, 2013
Last Monday was a work holiday for me (thank you Memorial Day) which meant I got an extra day home with my boy last week. Andrew had to work, but luckily only 10-6 instead of 8-9. Monday morning Perry and I met up with the Eckleys and Andrew's parents to go strawberry picking. We had all been seeing commercials and other peoples facebook pictures of strawberry picking at Brown's Farm and decided to check it out. Thank goodness we did it Monday, because they said it was the last day of "pickin'" for the season. They also said that it was pretty slim pickings...literally...but we were able to find lots of yummy strawberries. Between all of us we collected 3 big buckets of strawberries to bring home.

Perry participated in the outing...but we had to explain to him that it will unfortunately be a while before he can eat a strawberry as he was about to grab a strawberry right out of the bucket.

Sweet kiddos

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