The one where Perry turned 5 months old

Wednesday, June 5, 2013
Where have the last five months gone? Perry, we can't believe our little boy is 5 months old...that is almost half a year. You have grown and changed a lot this month and have gotten to do all sorts of new things.
  • We are not sure how much you weigh since you don't have to see the pediatrician this month.
  • You have started eating rice cereal, oatmeal cereal, and the occasional squash. You are doing awesome at eating...way more of it winds up in your stomach than on your face and I call that a win.
  • You are now sleeping with no miracle blanket (aka unswaddled)...and still sleep through the night. You have not woken mommy and daddy up in the night in months. And we love you for that. : )
  • You are starting to learn to sit up can do it for a little while and then you get tired and fall over.
  • You love to play with/chew on your feet. I don't know how you get your feet all the way into your mouth but you find a way.
  • Almost any time we put you on our back you immediately roll onto your stomach and push up. You like it for a little while and then get upset. You are still working figuring out how to easily roll back onto your back. Sometimes you can do it though.
  • Just in the last couple of days you have started to sit in your look like such a big boy in there. 
  • You love to play in your jumparoo and watch bigger kids play. The more excitement the better in your book. 
  • You smile and laugh all the just about anyone. No stranger anxiety yet. Most people say you are a ham. 
  • You survived mommy's first work trip out of town. You and daddy did awesome!
  • We love you so much! We can't wait to see what month 6 has in store!


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