The one where Perry went swimming

Wednesday, June 12, 2013
Sunday afternoon we took Perry in the neighborhood pool for the very first time. We hosted a party for our big lifegroup family (all three young married lifegroups that "multiplied" a while back) to catch up. We thought the weather was going to be terrible when it was gray and cloudy when we left church and the weather forecast had a 70% chance of storms all day. Well...once again it proved that our weather forecasts are no where near accurate and the sun came out for most of the afternoon. We got to play in the pool for a couple of hours and when it started to rain, pizza was being delivered and we ate, talked and played corn hole under the pavilion. It was so fun to spend an afternoon with our friends.

Our sweet boy had a ball. He didn't seem to mind or really even notice when he was half submerged in salt water. We will be spending a lot more time at the pool this summer.


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