The one with the 20 questions

Monday, June 24, 2013
We had an awesome weekend of doing nothing but a lot of hanging out with family and friends. It was awesome. We actually had time to draw things out of the date jar. One of the things we drew out told us to play 20 questions - i.e. make up a list of questions to ask each other. After 5 years of marriage and a few more of dating we know each other pretty darn well...but it is still nice to take time to sit and talk about things (both serious and totally random) and see how we are the same and different.

I figured we would document the little exercise here on the blog for posterity sake. Here you go Perry - a look at mom and dad in their 20's. 

When and where were you born?
Andrew: May 2, 1984 in Fairhope, AL
Kelly: December 29, 1985 in Huntsville, AL

President when you were born?
Andrew: Ronald Reagan
Kelly: Ronald Reagan

Dog or cat?
Andrew: Cat
Kelly: Cat

Favorite food?
Andrew: Steak
Kelly: Pasta

Least favorite food?
Andrew: Onions
Kelly: Turnip Greens

Favorite place you have travelled?
Andrew: New York City
Kelly: Alaska

Where do you want to travel most?
Andrew: Europe
Kelly: Europe

How old were you when you first flew on an airplane?
Andrew: 6ish
Kelly: 4ish

Favorite ice cream flavor?
Andrew: Mint cookies and cream
Kelly: Anything home-made

Crunchy or smooth peanut butter?
Andrew: EXTRA Crunchy
Kelly: Smooth

Diamonds or Pearls (girls) / Ties or Bow Ties (boys)?
Andrew: Ties
Kelly: Both

Favorite color?
Andrew: Green
Kelly: Blue

Can you roll your tongue?
Andrew: Yes
Kelly: No

Middle name?
Andrew: Ryan
Kelly: Elizabeth

Favorite type of movie?
Andrew: Action
Kelly: Romantic comedy

Morning or night?
Andrew: Night
Kelly: Night

Favorite car you have ever had?
Andrew: 2005 Ford Mustang
Kelly: 2012 Honda Pilot

Favorite Season?
Andrew: Summer
Kelly: Autumn

Favorite Actor/Actress?
Andrew: Jimmy Stewart
Kelly: Jennifer Aniston

If you could have any job other than the one you have, what would it be?
Andrew: Pilot
Kelly: Teacher

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