The one with the sippy cup success

Tuesday, June 25, 2013
Gary/Granddaddy was feeling good this weekend so we took full advantage. Emily had the great idea for the family to get together Sunday afternoon at the pool so we could hang out and see Ben's new swimming skills. It was such fun.     

Two peas in a pod      



Somebody loves his granddaddy!

Our friends the Brewsters and Wrights just so happened to be at the pool too.


We have learned our lesson...sun = hat + rash guard + spf 50 for Perry


The other big accomplishment from our Sunday afternoon at the pool is Perry figured out how to drink from a sippy cup! We had been giving him some (seriously diluted) apple juice in a sippy cup for a couple of days and he just kind of chewed on it like a teething toy. But finally Sunday evening he learned how to suck and get juice out of it...and he loved it! Next step - get him to learn to hold the cup himself. : )

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