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Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The one with the mother-son roadtrip

Sunday, July 28, 2013
Our weekend kicked off with an impromptu mother/son road trip to birmingham. I was down thereWednesday for a meeting and found out that my graduate school assistant program director was going to be in town later in the week to lead a workshop. I was scheduled to be off with P Friday, so attending the workshop was not in the cards...but there was a breakfast the next morning that was more of a potential. So I called our sweet friends Meredith and Elliott to see what their weekend looked like and I was so excited to find out that 1) they were in town, and 2) Mere was helping direct an ArtPlay production of Fame Friday night. 

So P and I loaded up the car (I am getting better at packing for overnights with a baby...which means less unnecessary stuff packed) and headed down to Birmingham Friday evening. This was after a fun catch-up lunch with Stephanie and Amy Guckenberger while Steph was in town from Charlotte. We got to the play about half way through. First I fed P on a bench outside and then we snuck into the back for the last 15 minutes or so. Perry loved it. He watched the singing and dancing intently and even laughed at the dialog after he heard the rest of the audience laugh. It was precious. He stayed up way past his bedtime and was a trooper while we all went for coffee and dessert post-production. 
Mere - thanks for letting us come stay with you!

Saturday morning we met up with some birmingham genetic counselors and my program assistant director Sonja for breakfast at Another Broken Egg in Mountain Brook. So yummy. 

The rest of the weekend was pretty uneventful. Some late afternoon shopping with Adrienne on Saturday and lunch with our lifegroup on Sunday. Then housework and getting things together for the week ahead (and writing this blog). Now it is off to be up at 5:30 a.m. for week 4 of couchto5k. 
Coleman and P playing at Jason's Deli

P picked out a new book at the bookstore

P is getting into everything. He pulled this basket out of the coffee table and began exploring. I think we have some babyproofing ahead of us.

The one with the million dollar question

Thursday, July 25, 2013
When you have a baby there are questions you get asked a million times from friends, family and complete strangers. Luckily new parents love nothing more than to talk about their baby, so this is not a problem. "How old is he"..."What is his name"...and when your sweet baby has hair the color of a carrot, the next (or first) question is "Where did that red hair come from."

I think most of the time the person on the other side of the conversation expects me to say "from his dad." Which is partly true...but the genetic counselor part of me has to resist the urge to have a mini genetics lesson about recessive inheritance and the MC1R gene. I will spare you here (maybe a topic for another blog)...but ask me if you are interested. : )

Another likely question is "Who does he look like." I have yet to figure out how to answer this question. After studying both mine and Andrew's baby pictures I have yet to see an uncanny resemblance to either of us. Perry looks like, well, Perry. 

Maybe you can help us out...who do you think he looks like?

                                 Andrew as a baby                                      Kelly as a baby

And in case you haven't seen enough of this little face...Perry as a baby : )

Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The one with the lifegroup roadtrip

Monday, July 22, 2013
Long time no blog...we have been too busy living life these last few days. We loaded up the car Friday afternoon and headed to Columbus, MS with our awesome lifegroup friends for the weekend. And for once I left my laptop at work and did not take anything work-related home with me for the weekend...the other reason for the lack of blogging.

Reagan's is from Columbus and we all went and stayed with her sweet parents for the weekend. Southern hospitality at its best. We had a fun weekend. We did a lot of nothing...the girls (and Perry) shopped while the boys went to Starkville to play golf.

Naps while waiting for the boys to get back from golf

We ate...a lot. And we swam. 

Perry loved Mississippi (actually I think it was the 6+ adults giving him constant attention). He smiled pretty much all weekend long...his face had to be tired when the weekend was over. And his little arms and legs from crawling laps around the house. 

And we all got new tires on our rides. The shop was a little hole-in-the-wall and sketchy looking and it required a 6 am wake up call, but the price was great and the tires (and the guy who sells them) are legit.
We had to get a lifegroup "Team Gary" group picture

Perry is getting increasingly mobile by the day. It is seriously incredible to watch. Given his newfangled tricks we had to lower the pack-n-play. He didn't seem to mind the lower sleeping arrangement. Look at that cute little bottom stuck up in the air.

Nothing beats lifegroup community. We love our sweet group and how close we have gotten over the past several months as we "do life" together on a weekly basis. Can't wait till our next visit to Mississippi...hopefully sooner rather than later...for I hear fashion apparel is opening soon. : )

The one with the baby "mugshot"

Friday, July 19, 2013
Our baby loves to smile. Until you put him in front of an actual camera and a stranger at Fedex taking a picture for his baby passport. Oh well. So here is the not so precious picture (which looks more like a mugshot) of our precious little boy that will live in his passport for the next 5 years.

More importantly, we are one step closer to being able to take P on vacation this fall.

The one with Dedra

Thursday, July 18, 2013
Tuesday morning Andrew, P and I had a yummy Cracker Barrel breakfast with our sweet friend Dedra who is moving to Greenville, SC today. We are incredibly sad to see her go, but are excited about what God is doing in her and her family's life.

Dedra was one of the early education employees at HudsonAlpha with me 5+ years ago. She is such an awesome encouragement and mentor (and almost a mother) to me. Not dwelling on the goodbye, but focusing on all the social media methods to stay in touch and a family vacay to Greenville once she gets settled!

Perry loves him some Ms. Dedra

The one with all the teething

Wednesday, July 17, 2013
Two of the three people in our house are teething. Yes, one of them is our 6 month old child. The other one is me. Yes, you read that right, apparently my mouth has decided to undergo some "sympathy teething" in the form of a wisdom tooth that has decided to make its grand debut. I have thought for about a month now that one of my top wisdom teeth was beginning to poke through, a fact that the dentist has now confirmed.

It is coming in at an angle and there is no room in the inn (err mouth), so it needs to go. I have a consult scheduled with an oral surgeon mid-august to go over details and make a plan. Thankfully, this is my first wisdom tooth to deal with...the bottom ones never formed and this one's partner in crime on the top is still way up in my jaw (and heres to hoping it stays that way).

Perry's other bottom front tooth has now begun to break through, bringing his total tooth count to 2. And boy are they do not want to find your finger in his me.

Keep on growing them big boy! But I sure wish my mouth would not try to keep up. : )

The one on our anniversary

Tuesday, July 16, 2013
Friday was our 5 year anniversary. Andrew had to work all day, so we moved the actual celebration until Saturday night. Our good friends Adrienne and Chad sweetly offered to babysit our sweet boy so we could have a date night. So we left him in their loving arms and headed out to the Melting Pot for dinner. Melting Pot is one of our favorite restaurants (I mean who doesn't love a restaurant devoted to dipping things in cheese and chocolate) and definitely not a place we can go with a baby.


My anniversary bling. Andrew upgraded my wedding band to have a few more (ok, like 37 more) diamonds. I love how delicate and sparkly it is! Disregard how terrible my nails look...there is just not enough time in the day to worry about that.

Meanwhile, Andrew decided he wanted to learn Italian for his anniversary gift. So he got Rosetta Stone (no picture needed). I am taking this to mean that he is taking me to Italy at some point in the future. : )

Love this sweet man!

The one with the cow spots and free chicken

Saturday, July 13, 2013
It is 7:43 am...and Perry is still asleep. He woke up about 7 making noise so mommy got up and made his breakfast bottle. And in the time it took me to do that, sweet boy fell back asleep. Now there is a made bottle just sitting on the counter and an awake mommy...but I am definitely not going to wake a sleeping baby on a Saturday morning. No way.

This is the second night in a row he has slept almost 12 hours! It is awesome. But I will keep this quick in case Perry wakes up and decides he is starving.

Yesterday was Cow Appreciation Day at Chickfila...with the tag line "dress like a cow, get a free meal." Chickfila even gave out these little sticker pages of cow spots to get you started on a cow costume (thanks Chickfila). Ann picked us up a set and that made it super easy to transform Perry into a cow using a white onesie and some stickers.

this little cow bought his mommy free dinner

Perry and I met up with our friends the Partons at Chickfila for dinner. They have two little boys Coleman and Barrett (who is just a couple months older than Perry). It was fun to get to catch up with them and watch Barrett and Perry interact.

 It's like they are thinking "Hey, you are about my size..."

The one five years later

Friday, July 12, 2013
5 years ago today, outside a mansion in Meridianville, Andrew and I said "I do" to spending the rest of our lives together. 
I can't believe five years of it has already gone (I mean flown) by. 

In those years we have moved twice (to North Carolina and back to Huntsville), bought a house, gotten "big person" jobs, and had a precious little boy. There have been ups and downs along the way, but there is no one I would rather be "living life" with. We have learned a lot over the past 5 to make extra sure whether the recipe says teaspoon or tablespoon for the quantity of salt in a meatloaf (my precious husband ate it anyway by the way). Most of all we try to have fun and enjoy every day, all the while growing closer to each other and our Savior.

Happy Anniversary Andrew!
I love you (forever and ever)!

Here is a look back over the last 5 years in pictures:

He asked, and I said "Yes"

We said "I do"
July 12, 2008

Year One 

Year Two

Year Three

Year Four

Year Five

Heres to many more to come!

The one in the tie-dye t-shirts

Thursday, July 11, 2013
Aunt Emily made the kiddos patriotic tie-dye t-shirts to wear on the 4th of July. 
They turned out awesome! She even made a tiny one for Perry. 

How cute is this little guy?

Yeah...I know...our shirts are orange...we literally do not have red in our closets.

Happy (belated) 4th of July!

The one at Big Canoe

We spent the 4th of July holiday in Big Canoe, GA, this little (not really...its massive) mountain community in North Georgia. My first-cousin-once-removed Ernie and his family own a vacation home there that they kindly let us rent for the weekend. The house is awesome and big enough to fit our whole extended family so Gary, Ann and the Eckley family were able to join us. We planned this trip before Gary's diagnosis and we knew it would be a last minute decision whether he felt good enough to make the trip. But he did and we had such a great time being together as a family.

On the way to Big Canoe we stopped in Atlanta for a night to rest and see our good friend, Kristen. She had made Perry this awesome 1/2 birthday cake since he turned 6 months old that day. We can't wait to go back to Atlanta sometime soon to spend more time with Kristen.

The weather was abismal all rained pretty much the entire time. But we didn't let that rain on our plans and we had a good time inside watching movies, making and eating food, and playing lots and lots of games.

We got there on the 4th. There were supossed to be all kinds of family outdoor activities and fireworks at Big Canoe, but that all got rained out. So we stayed inside, but Matt and Andrew braved the outdoors long enough to grill some burgers and dogs and make some homemade icecream.

We were bound and determined to make it to the pool/swim club atleast once. Saturday looked like the best option so in between rain downpours off we went. Then it started raining the minute we got there and then off and on all afternoon. Seriously the weather was bipolar. But we just succumbed to being wet and enjoyed ourselves.

We did paddle boats!

And took on the Natural Rock Slide...well Emily, Matt, Andrew and I did...because of the rain's effect on the water no one under 18 was allowed to do it.

The house was awesome. It had lots of space to hang out.

We had a little 1/2 birthday party for Perry and ate the rest of his birthday cake from Kristen (well everyone except Perry)

I love this picture. Granna and Granddaddy with laps full of grandkids. It also shows off the kiddos personalities perfectly...Ben and Perry sitting calmly and smiling for the camera...and wild Kate. : )

We did some experimentation with ice cream...running out of sugar and substituting the rest for some coffee creamer and a dash of brown sugar...apparently the recipe is pretty forgiving.

We had to get a family Team Gary picture from Big Canoe. Each of us got to decorate our own letter on the sign.

 Perry got a hold of some watermelon

Love our sweet parents. 
So thankful that Gary felt good all weekend.

Boys hanging out on the porch looking after the ice cream maker

We played lots of games: 5 crowns, Ticket to Ride, Chicken Foot (dominos), pandemic, headbanz, etc...

...and glow stick bowling!
Coolest idea ever...stick some glowsticks in empty water bottles, turn off the lights and you have glow in the dark bowling.

It was an awesome weekend. Full of family, food and fun!

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