The one about Mema

Tuesday, July 2, 2013
Andrew's Mema (Ann's mom) went to be with Jesus early Sunday morning. For the last several years she has been struggling with the progression of Alzheimers. I am grateful to have been a part of Andrew and his family's life long enough to have known Mema before her diagnosis. She was such a sweet and precious lady.

Tomorrow we are headed to Auburn to celebrate Mema's life and the fact that she is now in heaven with her heavenly father. 

This morning, I asked Andrew for a couple of his favorite Mema memories... 

He talked about how she was a really good cook, and that she always served healthy food, but that she kept one box of unhealthy cereal in the corner of the cabinet for when the grandkids came to visit. However, by unhealthy he means it was frosted shredded wheat...we are not talking coco puffs.

He talked about how Mema and Papa each had a recliner in the living room and there was an unwritten rule that nobody sat in Papa's chair but that the kids could sit and play in Mema's chair.

Andrew also talks about how Mema always played with and talked about his hair growing up. One of our favorite more recent stories was the time Mema complimented Andrew on how "thick" he getting to be. At least we think that was meant to be a compliment, and that it looked like he had been eating well. : ) 
Mema and baby Andrew

We will be forever grateful that we were able to go visit Mema one last time when we were in Auburn in April and that Perry got to meet his great-grandmother Perry. These pictures (and the memories they are connected to) are treasures.

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