The one at Big Canoe

Thursday, July 11, 2013
We spent the 4th of July holiday in Big Canoe, GA, this little (not really...its massive) mountain community in North Georgia. My first-cousin-once-removed Ernie and his family own a vacation home there that they kindly let us rent for the weekend. The house is awesome and big enough to fit our whole extended family so Gary, Ann and the Eckley family were able to join us. We planned this trip before Gary's diagnosis and we knew it would be a last minute decision whether he felt good enough to make the trip. But he did and we had such a great time being together as a family.

On the way to Big Canoe we stopped in Atlanta for a night to rest and see our good friend, Kristen. She had made Perry this awesome 1/2 birthday cake since he turned 6 months old that day. We can't wait to go back to Atlanta sometime soon to spend more time with Kristen.

The weather was abismal all rained pretty much the entire time. But we didn't let that rain on our plans and we had a good time inside watching movies, making and eating food, and playing lots and lots of games.

We got there on the 4th. There were supossed to be all kinds of family outdoor activities and fireworks at Big Canoe, but that all got rained out. So we stayed inside, but Matt and Andrew braved the outdoors long enough to grill some burgers and dogs and make some homemade icecream.

We were bound and determined to make it to the pool/swim club atleast once. Saturday looked like the best option so in between rain downpours off we went. Then it started raining the minute we got there and then off and on all afternoon. Seriously the weather was bipolar. But we just succumbed to being wet and enjoyed ourselves.

We did paddle boats!

And took on the Natural Rock Slide...well Emily, Matt, Andrew and I did...because of the rain's effect on the water no one under 18 was allowed to do it.

The house was awesome. It had lots of space to hang out.

We had a little 1/2 birthday party for Perry and ate the rest of his birthday cake from Kristen (well everyone except Perry)

I love this picture. Granna and Granddaddy with laps full of grandkids. It also shows off the kiddos personalities perfectly...Ben and Perry sitting calmly and smiling for the camera...and wild Kate. : )

We did some experimentation with ice cream...running out of sugar and substituting the rest for some coffee creamer and a dash of brown sugar...apparently the recipe is pretty forgiving.

We had to get a family Team Gary picture from Big Canoe. Each of us got to decorate our own letter on the sign.

 Perry got a hold of some watermelon

Love our sweet parents. 
So thankful that Gary felt good all weekend.

Boys hanging out on the porch looking after the ice cream maker

We played lots of games: 5 crowns, Ticket to Ride, Chicken Foot (dominos), pandemic, headbanz, etc...

...and glow stick bowling!
Coolest idea ever...stick some glowsticks in empty water bottles, turn off the lights and you have glow in the dark bowling.

It was an awesome weekend. Full of family, food and fun!

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