The one with all the teething

Wednesday, July 17, 2013
Two of the three people in our house are teething. Yes, one of them is our 6 month old child. The other one is me. Yes, you read that right, apparently my mouth has decided to undergo some "sympathy teething" in the form of a wisdom tooth that has decided to make its grand debut. I have thought for about a month now that one of my top wisdom teeth was beginning to poke through, a fact that the dentist has now confirmed.

It is coming in at an angle and there is no room in the inn (err mouth), so it needs to go. I have a consult scheduled with an oral surgeon mid-august to go over details and make a plan. Thankfully, this is my first wisdom tooth to deal with...the bottom ones never formed and this one's partner in crime on the top is still way up in my jaw (and heres to hoping it stays that way).

Perry's other bottom front tooth has now begun to break through, bringing his total tooth count to 2. And boy are they do not want to find your finger in his me.

Keep on growing them big boy! But I sure wish my mouth would not try to keep up. : )

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